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June Pelo
04-11-05, 02:31
Would anyone have information about Hanna Augusta Kanninen, b. 25 May 1885, Alatornio. To US 1899.

Kaarlo Kaste, b. 2 Nov 1888, Hyvinkää, d. 29 May 1941, Eureka, Ca.


William Dahlin
04-11-05, 05:15
Hi June

California Death Index confirms your info.

Karl Kaske
Birth: 2 Nov 1888
Death: 29 May 1941
Humbolt Co.

1920 Census shows a: Carl Kaske, Age 32 birth abt 1888
Birthplace Finland, Home in 1930 Eureka, Married, Year of
Immigration 1909, Father & Mother from Finland.
Wife Hanna age 33, son Albert age13,son Carl F age12 son
Victor 3/12.

Confirm if you think this is the right person and I will look for
census records of other years.

All is fine in California

June Pelo
04-11-05, 20:53
Hi Bill,

Good to hear from you, and thanks for the info. Yes, these are the right people. He married Hanna Kanninen, b. 1885, who came to the US 1899 to her sister Sofia Paiso in San Francisco, and also sister Hilma Hartz in SF. Is there any indication where the children were born? If Karl emigrated 1909, then his son Albert was born ca 1907 - before his parents emigrated. Does it indicate when Hanna emigrated?


June Pelo
04-11-05, 21:07

Can you find a death record for Karl Kaste's wife Hanna Augusta (Kanninen), b. 25 May 1885, Alatornio, d. 29 Nov 1973, Walnut Creek, CA. I was told she emigrated in 1899 to SF. She would have been 14 then, so somewhere along the line she must have returned to Finland and married Karl Kaste there because their first two children were born before he emigrated - if their ages are correct.


William Dahlin
04-11-05, 21:14

1920 ensus shows Hanna year of immkgration as 1909.

All 3 boys listed as born in California. Will go back and check
the census again and enlarge the print. If correct 1909 the
boys were not born in California.

Here we go again on our memory when the census takers
are making the rounds.

William Dahlin
04-11-05, 21:28
Re-Checked the 1920 census and information posted is
correct. 1909 dates for both on immigration. and the
3 boys ages 13, 12, 3/12. And all were listed as born in

Will see if I can find immigration records as the immigration
date must be incorrect if children were born in California.

Will also look for Hanna's death records and get back to
you as soon as I can.

William Dahlin
04-11-05, 22:11

I can not come up any information on Hanna at all. Nothing
under social security. If a death was not reported to social
security they would not have it. The only records that come
up are the 1920 census records. It's like they fell off the
face of the earth.

Nothing on immigration from Ellis Island either. I have exhuasted
all my sites with no luck.

Karen Norwillo
05-11-05, 02:14
I found Hanna and Victor Kaste on the Emigrant Register leaving Helsinki to Montreal 13.02.1929. Victor was 9. Must have been on a trip home. Not sure why they were going to Montreal. Maybe that explains why they weren't found after the 1920 census. Karen

June Pelo
05-11-05, 02:31
Thanks, Karen and Bill. Jeanette had found a record of Karl, Hanna and son Victor sailing to Canada in 1929 - so that's why we couldn't find them in Ellis Island.

Hanna's data is scarce - we were told she died 29 Nov 1973 in Walnut Creek, CA. Evidently she had no social security number. And we have to assume that their children were born in California.


Karen Norwillo
05-11-05, 02:44
June, CA Birth Records, Victori E Kaste born 23 Sep 1919 Humboldt, mmn Kanniain SSDI Victor E Kaste 23 Sep 1919-27 Jul 2001 Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, CA. Also found an Ellen A Kaste 12 Aug 1917-30 Jun 2002 Walnut Creek etc. Victor's wife???

Karen Norwillo
05-11-05, 03:32
June, Found Albert F Kaste on the 1930 Census in San Francisco. He is a lodger at the Hotel Stratton and is 23, single, says born CA, parents Finland, clerk in a bank. CA Death Index has Albert F Kaste born 16 Sep 1906 CA and died 16 Jan 1974 in San Francisco.I could not find Albert or Carl E in the CA Birth Records. There was a Karl Kaste in Concord, CA in the 1998-2002 phone directories. No Hanna Kaste on the CA Death Index. Karen

05-11-05, 03:36
Hi June,
I've found Albert on the CA Death Index. It states his birth was CA.
Last Name First Middle| Birth Date |Mother Maiden| Father Last| Sex| Birth Place |Death Place| Residence |Death Date |SSN |Age

KASTE ALBERT F | 09/16/1906 | | | M | CALIFORNIA | SAN FRANCISCO(38) | 01/16/1974 | 129-10-0724 | 67 yrs

The following site may also be helpful California Birth Index (1905-1995)
for the San Francisco Bay Area
(Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano and Sonoma Counties)

Edit: On SSDI
ALBERT KASTE 16 Sep 1906 Oct 1973 94110 (San Francisco, San Francisco, CA) (none specified) 129-10-0724 New York

Karen Norwillo
05-11-05, 04:14
June, Hanna Augusta Kaste, 43, Finland and Victor E Kaste, 9, Finland arrived 1929.03.05 at Halifax, NS on the Karlsruhe, North German Lloyd. 1929 Vol 3, page 143 Ref. RG76 Immigration 1925-1935. They were the only Kaste in this time period.

05-11-05, 04:42

Perhaps, as the two eldest sons were born close together and over ten years before Victor, Hanna was married twice?

Would you be able to search for a birth using the birthdate and First name Albert with mmn Kanninen?

At the Finnish Immigration Site, Finnish passenger records
Kaste Kaarlo 08.02.1911
Kaste Kaarlo 02.10.1929


Karen Norwillo
05-11-05, 18:35
Jeannette, Already tried that. No luck. Lots of births on the CA Birth Index where the mother's maiden name is Kaste. Possibly Hanna had a daughter or daughters after coming to US. Just a thought. If interested, I'll pull those names. Karen

June Pelo
05-11-05, 21:39
Wow, Karen and Jeanette! Thanks for all the data. As far as we know there were only the 3 children. The only survivors are some grandchildren and they don't know a lot.

I think maybe the reason Hanna's death record can't be found is because she lived with John Swan after her husband died - and even though she didn't marry John Swan, she used the name Hanna Swan.

Yes, Victor was married to Ellen. They had a son Karl Kaste and we've been asking what he knows. He remembers that John Swan built a pipe organ in his home, and he also had another smaller organ and a violin he had made. He thinks Swan built some organs for churches in California, but we haven't been able to find information about them. The strange thing is that John Swan never told anyone about his previous life before moving to California - they never knew he had been married before and had a large family.

I'll forward all this to Sven - he may have more info. than I have. We're still trying to find Hanna's origins in Koski, Finland.


06-11-05, 00:47
Here is Hanna's death listing from CA Death Index- no parents details
Last Name First Middle Birth Date Mother Maiden Father Last Sex Birth Place Death Place Residence Death Date SSN Age
SWAN HANNA A 05/23/1885 F CONTRA COSTA 11/29/1973 551-46-8456 88 yrs
Name Birth Death Last Residence Last Benefit SSN Issued
HANNA SWAN 23 May 1885 Nov 1973 94596 (Walnut Creek, Contra Costa, CA) (none specified) 551-46-8456 California

I was hoping it was possible to search Ancestry without using a surname
First name Albert birthdate Sept 16, 1906
or First name Albert or Carl F and mmn KANNINEN
First name, birthdate and mmn



June Pelo
06-11-05, 01:47
Thank you, Jeanette. I'll see that Sven gets this information.


Karen Norwillo
06-11-05, 16:48
Jeannette, It is possible to search that way. That's what I did. Only ones who showed up with those birthdates were not even close. Victor is the only one who showed up with mmn as Kanninen. By the way, I found a Kaarlo Kaste, age 24, single, carpenter, arriving in Boston 1911, says from Nurunjärvi? going to sister Lempi Kaste, Hill Side Farms, Greenville, can't make out state. If this is Karl, then the first two boys aren't his. Karen

09-11-05, 09:56
Hi June,
I may have found something to help identify Hanna Kanninens family in Finland.
You mentioned Hanna Kanninen, b. 1885, who came to the US 1899 to her sister Sofia Paiso in San Francisco, and also sister Hilma Hartz in SF. I found what I believe to be the birth record for a daughter to Sophie. Her mmn is listed as Johnson yet on he CADI Kanninen is listed as the mmn for the same person. Also located is a death record for Sophie Paiso including a birthdate and fathers Last name as Johnson. Having two birthdates for the girls may help identify the family more easily - but HisKi doesn't go beyond 1850 for Alatornia!!!

California Birth Index (1905-1995)
Last Name First Middle Initial |Birth Date |Sex | Mothers Last Name |County of Birth
Last Name First Middle |Birth Date|Mother Maiden|Father Last |Sex |Birth place| Death place | Death Date | Age
HARMAN FRIEDA |07/08/1906 |KANNINEN |PAISO |F |CALIFORNI|SAN BERNARDINO | 06/06/1987 |564-30-1543 |80 yrs

PAISO SOPHIE MATILDA |11/27/1868 | |JOHNSON | F| REST (OTHER)| LOS ANGELES (19) |06/22/1949 |80 yrs

Other Paiso children born wih Kanninen type mothers names.
Last Name First Name MiddleBirth Date|Mother Maiden|Father Last|Sex|Birth Place|Death Place|Death Date|SSN|Age
PAISO RUDOLPH | 10/24/1901 |KANNINEN || M |CALIFORNIA |ORANGE |08/31/1982 |549-05-0075 |81 yrs
PAISO ALBERT |10/23/1910 |KANNIENAN || M |CALIFORNIA |ORANGE |12/16/1996 |546-38-0338 |86 yrs
PAISO WILLIAM ALEXANDER |08/14/1898|KININIA |PAISO |M |CALIFORNIA |SAN DIEGO(37) | 09/15/1953 |551-18-7038 |55 yrs


09-11-05, 13:03
Located at http://www.sfgenealogy.com/sf/index.htm
San Francisco Call Newspaper
Vital Records for 1869-1899
Name ... Event and Year ... Spouse or Age ... Record No.
Paiso, Cristjan (25)... marr. lic. in ---- to Janson, Sofeja (26) ...SF1897-8766


June Pelo
09-11-05, 18:14
Thanks, Jeanette. Sven and I thank you and Karen for all your research.