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04-11-05, 12:47
Hello everyone

I am looking for information about brother of my grandfather. His name in Finland was Iisakki (Iikka) Laurinaho and he was born February 8, 1881 in Rantsila, Finland. He left Finland, Hanko to Canada (Thunder Bay) in September 6, 1902. According to my infomation he changed his name in Canada.

I would be thankful for all information about him.

Jukka Laurinaho

04-11-05, 14:57
Any idea what he may have changed his name to ?? Isak Aho maybe??

04-11-05, 19:26
Possibly his family name in Canada was Lauri, Laurin or Aho and first name Isak, Isaac or Ike. His brother, my grandfather, used from him names Iikka.


04-11-05, 19:48
There are a few Laurin families around here still, as well as Aho. I'm not sure how much information I could dig up, but there are a few people I could ask. As well there must be a few more people on here from Thunder Bay.