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05-11-05, 04:00

Today was the first day of the Genographic Conference, sponsored by National Geographic and IBM, that June mentioned in an earlier post. The conference is for DNA group administrators, and, as I have set up a DNA project (Smeds Surname), I decided to attend.

The testing company gives so much support that, with as little knowledge as I possess at this time, they make it possible for me to manage a study project. If someone could manage the time, and had the inclination, it would be great to set up a Y-line DNA project (Males), that was focused on the Swedish Finnish community.

There is so much to be learned form DNA. I hope someone will take such a project on.


17-12-06, 02:46
I look forward to your project members cross-joining the Finland Y project, when it is open.

22-01-07, 06:30

I received my results, and it looks like we share a male ancestor about 450 years ago, which is outside my paper trail for the male line. We are an exact match, along with 5 others, on the 12-marker test.

The test results are reported here:


I hope others will get tested so we can start looking at the geographic distribution of these matches around Vasa.