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05-11-05, 19:03

I'm new here and I'm from the Czech Republic. I'm trying to find the roots so I'm also interested in the origin of my surname. I know it means something like "a place of aspen trees" in Finnish. It seems to me that it is quite common surname in Finland while it is fairly rare here in CZ. I wondered wheter there could have been any connection.

It's less probable than whatever else but my ancestor may have come from Finland with the Swedish army c. around 1645. Some soldiers surely deserted and there were some Finnish in the army.

Well, it's rather fantasy than reality (that he would have even kept original surname).. (?)

Any ideas how to vouch/destroy this hypothesis? I do a research here in registers and am in the 80's of the 17th century now.

05-11-05, 19:36

first, welcome to sfhs!
hiski is a pretty good place to search for your roots.
Because you don't show a parish or village name, select ALL and then try christening and put the name into the farms and see what comes of it. Then try the last names bit and see what comes of it. Somebody else here might have a better way of doing it. I know that happened for me when I couldn't find but a few examples so maybe that person will give us some help again.


Alf Blomqvist
05-11-05, 20:04
Hi and welcome!

There is also a database called TALKO here with a lot of names.

I searched for Haapala and found following birthplaces before and 1780:


Do you have some given names and/or birthdays and so on to give?

I have some Haapala in my own database.:)

Here is a place to search for places in Finland (only in Finnish and Swedish): https://www.karttapaikka.fi/karttapaikka/default.asp?id=787

Here is to Haapalantie in Veteli: http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/kartanhaku/osoitehaku.html?scale=2000000&cx=3340071&cy=7038160&tool=siirra&zoom=-1.1f&lang=sv-FI&osoite=haapala&nimi=&kunta=kelvi%C3%83%C2%83%C3%82%C2%A5&action=S%C3%83%C2%83%C3%82%C2%B6k

05-11-05, 21:30
That's super. Thanks for your replies. I have given names of the ancestors from 1680s - though I haven't found the connection yet, I have my own family up to 1725 so far.

In 1681, Anna Hapal was born to father Jacob Hapal. This Jacob could have been a son of the Finn (if the theory had been right). All those given names are common here. The surname was written as Hapal/Hapala/Happala/Hapalla etc. It seems that the surname hadn't been in that village before 1681. In additon, 1650 is roughly the reachable edge (by registers, then there are some other resources).

Our country was under rule of Austrian Empire (1526 - 1918). As far as I know, it could be similar to Finland which was under Sweden. There had been a lot of Protestants here, they had to leave the country because the Habsburgs were Catholics and they didn't tolerated other confessions. On the other hand, Sweden was protestant and Finland was rather catholic (?). However, soldiers surely had had stronger reasons to desert than this.

05-11-05, 21:44
We have e.g. the 17th century from 1601 to 1700 in Czech. I heard it is different somewhere - perhaps Sweden (so Finland perhaps, too)? We have now the 21th century; you have 20th?

Alf Blomqvist
06-11-05, 13:00
I found "The Central Soldiers Register" in Sweden - a cooperation between DIS and Centrala Soldatregistret. But I could not find anything like Hapal, Hapala ...

Here is the address: http://soldat.dis.se/soldater.php

I think that most of us where Protestants here also.

07-11-05, 18:00
Thank you anyway ;)

June Pelo
07-11-05, 18:34
Here you can learn about the name Haapala:


Last Name Haapala
Finnish: from haapa "aspen" + the local suffix -la. Originally it was a habitational name for someone living or working at a farmstead so named, but in other cases the surname was an
ornamental adoption during the name conversion movement in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It occurs chiefly in western Finland.
Dictionary of American Family Names, Oxford University Press, ISBN 0-19-508137-4

I have Haapala names in my database on Talko - mostly from Vetil, Ullava, Kelviå and Kaustby.