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K-G Molander
11-11-05, 11:37
In Kelvić parish birth records (Hiski) I found Carl Henrichsson Rita as the father of Maria Carlsdotter Rita, born 21 Apr 1726.

Data from Talko give Carl Henrichsson Rita's birth as 18 Nov 1696 in Kelvić. And his parents as Henrik Erichsson Rita, born 1655 and Sara Erichsdotter, born abt 1663.

But, in Hiski on 18 Nov 1698 the childs name is Martinus, and the parents names as Henrik WESUR [Rita] and Sara Erichsdotter.

Could it be that Henrik Erichsson Rita, born 1655 and Sara Erichsdotter, born 1663 are NOT the parents of Carl Henrichsson Rita, born 18 Nov 1696 ?

Thank You

Gita Wiklund
11-11-05, 13:27

First a few corrections of your dates given:
Here is what i find in HisKi:

Child: Maria
Born: 21.4.1728
Father: Carl Hinrss. Rita
Mother: (empty box)

(She is registered as born 1728 not 1726)

KELVIĆ-KELVIÄ-Baptized: searched all born the year 1696:

Born: 18.11.1696
Child: Martinus
Farm: Rita
Father: Hend. Wesur
Mother: Sara Ericksdr.

(1696 not 1698)

There are no more births this date in Kelvić registered in HisKi
but HisKI is not fully reliable. So the question here is what source the TALKO data is founded on.

11-11-05, 16:42

June Pelo have the information on Talko project, there is also 3 other with the same information.

I think thy have right information.

June Pelo
11-11-05, 21:03
Do you have access to the Caino-Torp book? Some of this data is there. It was compiled by Hans-Erik Krokfors. Maria's parents were Carl Henriksson Rita and Lisa Eliasdotter Parpala.

Maria married Erik Eriksson Maunumäki.


K-G Molander
12-11-05, 22:50

Gita, thank you for correcting my errors.

June, I do not have acces to Caino-Torp book.

Am I then to understand that Martinus Henrichsson Rita is a twin brother to Carl Henrichsson Rita

Born: 18.11.1696
Child: Martinus
Farm: Rita
Father: Hend. Wesur Rita
Mother: Sara Ericksdr.

From TALKO: Ingemar Eriksson, Tommy ćnäs, Kevin Paavola
Born: 18.11.1696
Child: Karl
Farm: Rita
Father: Henrik Eriksson Rita, born 1655
Mother: Saara Eriksdotter, born abt 1663

Thank you again.

June Pelo
13-11-05, 22:01

I have no record of a child named Martinus, but it's possible he was a twin of Carl. My records are not complete on this family. There isn't any record of Martinus in the Caino-Torp book, so I can't check it out.


Gita Wiklund
14-11-05, 18:05

I think the best way to get this straight is to turn to the original church records. Perhaps both the birth/baptized and the communionbooks. I would never rely solely on data from a secondary sorce, like the book June refers to, myself.