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Gita Wiklund
11-11-05, 19:05
Relatives in Norway will become easier to trace from now on:

"Digitalarkivet and Digitalpensjonatet are funded on the ideology that the archives' users are best served with one internet site for archival source material, presented with one common search engine and user face"

Read more about it and start your searches here (http://digitalarkivet.uib.no/cgi-win/WebFront.exe?slag=vis&tekst=introduk-eng.htm&spraak=e)


12-11-05, 03:32
"It is not possible to search for a person in the digitised material."

I knew the name of an emigrant but I didn't know where he was born, etc.

This is going to require some knowledge of where the emigrant originated to be of value. I suppose it is better than nothing but still...

Chuck who is never satisfied until the data is served up to him on a plate:D