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Alf Blomqvist
14-11-05, 18:22
Can some one confirm following:

Edith Matilda (Tilda) born 8 October 1903 Wisconsin, Superior, Douglas or 20 October 1909 in USA, dead 20 April 1986 USA.

Date of birth and place for birth and death?

Her first husbond Thomas Ross Shaw born in USA 12 November 1903, dead 13 January 1971 in USA.

Her second husbond Emil Öesterreich born 6 June 1903 in USA?, dead 19 October 1976 in USA.

Place of birth and death?

14-11-05, 19:39
The Social Security Death Index has the following:

Name: Edith Oesterreich
Birth: 8 Oct 1909
Death: Apr 1986 - Hawthorne, Douglas, Wisconsin, United States of America
Civil: Railroad Board (Issued Through)
1930 US Census for Superior, Wisconsin

Edith Shaw, 20yrs, b Wisconsin, marr. at 18, parents b Finland
Thomas Shaw 26yrs, b Wisconsin, marr. at 23, parents b Indiana, teacher in public school
Beverly L. Shaw 1yr 10mo
E. Marilyn Shaw 9mo.

They are living with Edith's parents, Charles and Tilda Cannelin.

In the 1910 and 1920 census for Superior, Edith would have been born in 1909. As she was only a few months old in 1910, my guess is that she was born in Superior. On the Wisconsin Rootsweb message board, I found someone willing to look up a birth record for my husband's grandmother born in 1911 as well as his gr-grandparents marriage record in 1910.
Maybe give it a try - Wilma.

26-11-05, 12:59
Hi Alf,
Graceland Cemetery
South Superior, Douglas County, WI
Surname Given Name |Birth |Death |Map Location
Cannelin Carl Waldemar |1865 |1934 | C17
Cannelin Mathilda |1870 |1937 | C17

At the following census link you will find the full transcription for the 1930 census listing for Superior ed 29 page 154 including Ediths brothers and sisters details.

In the 1910 census index I found
Surname: CANNELIN Given Name: CHARLIE
Age: 45 Sex: M Race: WHITE
Birthplace: FINLAND
County: DOUGLAS Locality: 3-WD SUPERIOR
T624-Roll: 1707 Part: 1 Page: 291 Subpage: B
State: WI

This site for Douglas County WI may help you.


Alf Blomqvist
26-11-05, 19:06
Thank you for the information!

The first link I'm not allowed to use.

June Pelo
26-11-05, 19:29

I found 3 Cannelin names here in the Graceland Cemetery website:

Click on the "alphabetized list" at the top left.


Karen Norwillo
26-11-05, 22:46
Alf, Here's the 1930 info. Superior, Douglas, WI.
Cannelin, Charles G, owns home $4000, 64, married at 35, Finn, US 1895, naturalized, clerk, city hall
Tilda, 60, married at 30, Finn, 1900, naturalized
Ray C, son, 24, single, WI, sta. fireman, riding club
Maurice, son, 22, single,WI, machine helper, steam railroad
Margaret, daughter, 18, single, WI, clerk, wholesale
Einar, son, 16,single, WI
Shaw, Edith, daughter, 20, married, WI
Shaw, Thomas R, son-in-law, 26, married, WI, teacher, public school
Beverly L, granddaughter,1 10/12, WI
E. Marilyn, granddaughter, 9/12, WI
Address looks like 1015 Weeks? Ave. Census taken 15 Apr 1930

Karen Norwillo
26-11-05, 23:30
Alf, More info on the family. 1920 Census, same place, children are all at home, Edith is 10, Maurice is Morris on this one, Ray is Raymond.
SSDI and MN Death Index has Carl Raymond Cannelin 3 Feb 1906-11 Jun 1996. Except on one he's Carl Raymond and on the other Ray. WI Birth Index also shows a Carl G Cannelin born same date. Maybe just a mixup transcribing ???Also found his WWII Enlistment as Carl R Cannelin born 1906, WI, enlisted 5 Jan 1943 in Milwaukee, WI. PVT, 3 yrs high school, married, 69" 126#
US Vets Cemeteries has a Raymond Carl Cannelin same birth and death, interred 14 Jun 1996, Ft Shilling Nat'l Cemetery, sect 11, site 1887.
Antoinette P Cannelin, wife of Raymond Carl, born 24 Nov 1912, died 19 Jul 1997, last known address for both 7601 34th St. Minneapolis, MN. Buried same site. Looks like he switched his name around frequently.
Found an Edith Shaw born 9 Dec 1910 and died Jun 1980 in Beaverton, Washington, OR. SS issued WI. on the SSDI.
There was an Einar Cannelin listed in the phone directory up to 2002 in IL.

27-11-05, 00:45
Thankfully Karen came to the rescue with the family data :)
You can also access the census site through the Douglas County Website http://www.rootsweb.com/~widougla/census.htm
Scroll down to the heading 1930 census then click on the next link
then locate the page ed 29 page 153a and click. Once there scroll down to the 3rd page the family are the last on the page.
154A Lines 41 - 50.

At the Rootsweb family tree site I located a Carl Valdemar Cannelin born 26 Jul 1865 Sääksmäki Father: Gustaf Thomaksenpoika Cannelin Mother: Emilia Augusta Girsén (2nd wife)
If you search for Cannelin he is the last entry on the 1st of 3 pages. His parents and family details are all completed but no spouse or children


27-11-05, 01:24
Lars Cannelin the third listing for Cannelin in the Graceland Cemetery can be found at Ellis Island
First Name: Lars
Last Name: Cannelin
Ethnicity: Finland Finnish
Place of birth: Sääksmäki
Last Place of Residence: Helsinki, Finland
Previoius trips: 1905, 1910 Superior, Wisc
Date of Arrival: Nov 29, 1913
Age at Arrival: 42y Gender: M Marital Status: S
Ship of Travel: Baltic
Port of Departure: Liverpool
Manifest Line Number: 0012

At Rootsweb:
Cannelin, Lars Henrik b.26 May 1871 Sääksmäki d.17 Feb 1921 Superior Wisconsin, USA (database owner toffehornborg)
Father: Gustaf Thomaksenpoika Cannelin
Mother: Emilia Augusta Girsén


27-11-05, 03:09
SSDI Lists these Cannelin deaths
RAY CANNELIN 03 Feb 1906 11 Jun 1996 (V) 55003 (Bayport, Washington, MN) (none specified) 391-10-0028 Wisconsin
SALOME E CANNELIN 02 Apr 1917 31 Aug 2002 (V) 60525 (La Grange, Cook, IL) (none specified) 468-14-4795 Minnesota
TONI CANNELIN 26 Nov 1912 19 Jul 1997 (V) 55082 (Stillwater, Washington, MN) (none specified) 477-05-8023 Minnesota
(This last one must be Antoinette Ray/Carl's wife)

I wasn't able to locate Carl/Ray Cannelin on the Mn Death Index
at Minnesota Historical Society site. There appeared to be a gap in the death records around early June.

The Chicago Tribune Sep 2, 2002 carried this obit
Cannelin, Salome E. "Sally" - Cannelin, Salome E. "Sally" of Indian Head Park, formerly of Flossmoor and Homewood, beloved wife of Einar, mother of Margi (Randy) Truckenbort and the late ...
unfortunately Alf to obtain the full obit it is a pay site.