View Full Version : Hugo Johannes Viktorsson Storskrubb (1888 - 1911)

Alf Blomqvist
14-11-05, 19:29
Hugo Johannes Viktorsson, born 17 August 1888 in Kronoby moved to USA 25 August 1909. He died in USA 22 March 1911.

Do you have any more information?

K-G Molander
14-11-05, 20:17
The only information I have is that he was not married.

Alf Blomqvist
14-11-05, 20:44
Tnx Karl-Gustav!

Karen Norwillo
14-11-05, 21:08
He is listed on Emigrant Register with destination of Park City, Utah. Left Finland 25.08.1909 SS Arcturus. Left Southampton, Eng. SS Adriatic 01.09.1909. Karen

Alf Blomqvist
14-11-05, 21:48
Tnx Karen!

Karen Norwillo
14-11-05, 22:03
Alf, Confirmed Hugo's arrival at Ellis Island 9 Sep 1909. Says going to cousin Box 128, Park City, UT. Travelling with him is Anders Storskrubb, age 20, father Jakob or Johan Storskrubb, Kronoby. Cousin in UT listed as Teodor Gustafson. I found an earlier arrival of a Teodor Storskrubb, 21, arrived 5 Apr 1907 SS Baltic going to Superior, WI. In 1918, there is an Anders Victor Storskrubb, born 22 Jan 1889, Kronoby, Finland, fisherman, Astoria, Clatsop, OR, married, no wife's name given on the WWI Draft Registration. Looks like the same person. Karen