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14-11-05, 22:21
Here's some of her ancestors.


It seems that Mrs. Aaltonen is my relative in many different ways!

I am sorry that my file is only in Finnish but I guess most of you will understand it anyway

Any feedback is greatly appreciated


Jaska Sarell
15-11-05, 01:00

I've worked out a bit more, as so many lines coincide with mine.
The origin of Lisa Eriksdr *27.9.1767 (Pertteli CB) in your table 9 is the closest ancestor to be checked (probably HisKi entry 27.8.1767 in Halikko is her).
Anyway the Arkkila farm ancestors go back to chaplain Petrus Thomae Procopaeus of Pertteli (St. Bertils), also Edla's purely paternal line. Her father was his own 2nd cousin once removed :cool:

:) Jaska

15-11-05, 06:54
Thanks Jaska,

You already gave me those but I didnt add them to my database, (yet).

When I got more time I will do that