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15-11-05, 18:48
Searching for three lost brothers:

- Henry Nestor Patama, b. 26 December 1876 Alavus, Finland. Moved to somewhere in Canada in October-November 1900. I have no idea where he has been or what kind of history he had.

- Simon Patama, b. 27 March 1878 Alavus, Finland. Moved to North America in April 1906. www.ellisisland.org's ship manifest says that his destination was Keevatin (Keewatin?), Ontario, Canada and friend there, Matti Pitkaaho.

- John Emil Patama, b. 26 September 1881 Alavus, Finland. D. 22. March 1952 somewhere in North America. He moved to USA (?) in April 1902. I found also John's information from Ellis Island: in the ship manifest is written very unclearly the place he was going to, I suppose it can be Painesville, Ohio.

So, I'm - once again - very thankful if someone in the group could find more information for me about these relatives of mine. Firstly I'd like to know the places they have resided but also that have they probably had families.

Greetings and thanks!

15-11-05, 23:05
You can find the following at this website: http://search.bcarchives.gov.bc.ca/sn-29130BE/gbsearch/Births,Marriages,Deaths

British Columbia Death Index: 1872 to 1979

Gender: Male
Age: 70
Death Date: 22 March 1952
Place of Death: VERNON
Registration #: 1952-09-003716
BCA #: B13211
GSU #: 2032860

Vital Event Marriage Registration

Groom Name: Eino Fileman Patama
Bride Name: Ella Niskanen

Event Date: 1929 1 11 (Yr/Mo/Day)
Event Place: Vancouver

Reg. Number: 1929-09-353420
B.C. Archives Microfilm Number: B13757
GSU Microfilm Number: 2074553
There are also some probate/estate records referenced under the 'textual records' near the top of the page regarding John Patama and Eino Patama.

Here are their burial records:
Name Cemetery Location Region Reference
PATAMA, Eino (no marker) Ladysmith (Presbyterian Section) Ladysmith, 4th Avenue Vancouver Island MC-243
PATAMA, John Vernon Municipal Vernon, Pleasant Valley Road Okanagan-Similkameen V&DFHS-481

Hope this helps - Wilma.

Karen Norwillo
15-11-05, 23:24
From Emigrant Register passenger lists
Siimon Patama 28 destination Boston left Fin 11.04.1906 left Eng 21.04.1906. Passport says born 1878, married, from Alavus VAA. Simon's arrival SS St Louis 28 Apr 1906 says going to friend Matti Petkaaho ? in Keevatin, Ontario. There is a Keewatin in Ontario.
Henrik Nestor Patama 1876 issued passport 06.07.1900 notation at bottom says sotap. kelpaamaton. Passenger list has him as Heikki Patama 24, destination Shuswap, BC, CAN.
1910 census for Enfield Twsp. Grafton, NH has a Patama, Siaman, 32, boarder, married 7 yrs, Finland, US 1905, alien, carder Woolen mill. No wife with him. Could be?? Karen

16-11-05, 00:00
Henry Patama is listed in the 1901 Canada census in Yale and Cariboo, BC.
Birthday - Dec 23, 1876, 24 yrs, to Canada 1900, railroad laborer.

16-11-05, 13:55
Thanks to both of you! This cleared much - I see Henry and John both were in British Columbia. New for me. I thought either one of them was in USA

Are you able to see the later (1910's and 1920's) census' that are there families to these three brothers?

I would be also very interested in Matti Pitkaaho who was Simon's host in Keewatin, ON. I think I know who he is, relative too! Also neighbor of Patama brothers. Actually I'm going to visit Matti's daughter (born 1916) and granddaughter in December.


16-11-05, 19:22
The Canadian Census for 1901, 1906 (Alberta, Saskachewan, & Manitoba only), and 1911 are online at:

The transcriptions can be seen at:

Not all the transcriptions are completed.
Henry Patama is listed as Henry Bataina in the 1901 census.


16-11-05, 21:06
That Bataina name is very good to know. I was thinking that have the brothers used Patama or more "North American" version of it, I see that at least Henry changed it. But John's last name was original Patama in death certificate?

I found Henry Bataina from 1901 census but not from 1906 or 1911 as they are not finished - as you told. Are there any other sources that could be used in search of Henry and brothers? Number 1 search thing would be their families; were they married or single men.


17-11-05, 00:27
Henry may not have changed his last name to Bataina. It could have been how the census taker interpreted it. It is very possible that it was just a mistake.

June Pelo
17-11-05, 02:05
I think perhaps Finnish-speaking people had difficulty pronouncing b and p. For example, some pronounced Penttilä as Bengtilä. I have quite a number of examples in my database.


21-11-05, 16:45
I think that this may be Simon with the birthdate off by abit
WW1 draft card
ame: Seimon Patama
City: Fitchburg
County: Worcester
State: Massachusetts
Birth Date: 15 Mar 1878
Race: White
Roll: 1685149
DraftBoard: 0

Next of kin, Hana Patanen Waasen L. Finland single.

1920 census
Record Siaman Patama Enfield Twp, Grafton, NH abt 1878 White Male
married for seven years works in woolen mill. He was living in
a boarding house. No wife listed with him.
I can't find him after in 1930 under Simon nor Patama.

21-11-05, 19:49
The Finnish pronunciations of consonants p, k, t, etc, are not as in English. In English a slight puff of air is sensed. It is that puff of air that is absent from the Finnish pronunciation so to the English speaker, the p sounds like b, the k sounds like g, and t sounds like d. John Olli's book says it this way - "...P The Finnish p has much less explosive force than the English p..."
When I met with Swedish speaking Finns in Jeppis, I asked how to pronounce Y in Nykarleby. Even though I heard it from people who should know, I was not able to reproduce it! (nothing to do with Finnish of course but I just thought of it)
I also enjoy remembering this: I called the secretary of the postcard club I was in to tell her that I would talk about kantele picture postcards. In the newsletter, it came out gondolas :)
I remember seeing Dahlbacka written by Rev Hoikka in the Crystal Falls book :
Henry Dahlbacka aka Dahlpackka in CF Finnish


June Pelo
21-11-05, 22:25
My father grew up in Finland and Swedish was his mother tongue. He never lost his Swedish accent and was never able to pronounce words starting with v. Vinegar came out as winegar, Valborg was Walborg. Also he could not pronounce words with th - "the" was "duh", "with" was "wit", etc. As kids we thought it was so funny and we used to ask him to pronounce words just to hear him say them, and then we'd laugh. He also had trouble accenting the correct syllables so sometimes words sounded strange. He had no problem with reading, but just couldn't say the words "correctly". He was so good-natured about it all - even with 4 of us teasing him. Strangely, he could pronounce the J in my name correctly, but to my grandmother I was always Yuni.

Yuni :p