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28-11-05, 00:17

All male bearing the name SMEDS / SMEDTS, with a connection to Finland or Sweden, are invited to participate in a DNA-based, genealogical study.

Through this study, we hope to connect the various families, locate cousins we do not know yet, and try to trace the migration of the various Smeds families to Finland.

If you are a male Smeds, or know one who might be interested in participating, to learn more about the study, please contact me by private mail.

Nicholas Smith
SMEDS Surname Project

01-01-06, 00:59
I don't know what my Finn lineage is because I was adopted. I do, however, know I am linked to the Finn DNA.
I've had much testing done over the past 4 years and can provide comparisons for others (and in the process I hope to find my grandfather's line).
My research has led me to know my father's family in Niagara Falls, NY but it appears he is not his brothers' brother .. hehe. My paternal grandmother supposedly left her hubby and lived with a man in Buffalo for about 6 months and I think that is where my father was conceived.
She went back to her husband and had two more children and now the only way I think I can find my male line is by DNA comparison.
Luckily, I seem to have a very rare profile and there is at least *some* chance of finding a Nordic ancestor in New York!
Not sure if you realize it yet, but much more info than the NG project at 12 markers and an estimate SNP will be necessary to sort us all out.
I have the 37 marker test from FTDNA, the 24 marker from Relative Genetics, and confirmed by DNA Heritage on what I can afford so far.
I've also had Y-DNA SNP testing done by Trace Genetics and shown to by an N3a haplogroup (with the TAT-C mutation) and negative for P-21 (means I'm NOT N3a1 .. )
So here I am as a guinea pig for comparison if you'd like .. my website has most of these in chart form for me and others, some of which have Finnish heritage . it is at:
http://wcscott.net and page 2 with the charts at http://wcscott.net/SalineDNA
Here we go ...
Chris Scott/Mikovsky/Tompkins

20-03-06, 04:17

sorry to have been so long in replying. somehow, I believe I missed this reply to mine that you posted sometime back.

Had a look at your two sites. Very interesting.

How can I find you on Y-Search, at FT DNA?

If you are on Y-Search with FT DNA and you give me your 5-letter identifier, I will compare my own Y-line with yours, and let me know whether we are a close match. I have also taken the 37-marker test with them.


25-03-06, 03:32
My YSearch ID is S93DR ... I'm traveling right now and borrowing a computer but will respond further when I get back home in about a week or so ..

29-03-06, 21:14

Thanks. I checked your markers against mine, using Y-Search at FT DNA. The results show that we are too far apart for me, and the infromation I have gathered, to be helpful to you.

Keep at it. As time passes, more and more people are being tested. As results pile in, you will have matches. The odds become better and better every day.