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29-11-05, 11:08
In the articles (http://sfhs.eget.net/portal/index.php?option=com_content&task=section&id=1&Itemid=2) menu section you can find several new articles. One by Vincent Erickson and several by June Pelo

# Charles Tollber
"The Tollber family is an interesting one because Charles Tollber represents the earliest settlement of a Finland-Swede in the Skagit bottomlands. Charles by all accounts was a highly successful farmer. There was a deep depression of short duration in 1907 which may have triggered him to give up farming. He was getting along in years at that time, however, and may have felt that he had done his share and wanted to have a few years to enjoy a well deserved retirement. In that case, the depression had nothing to do with his decision to move to Seattle. His children may have made a few poor choices with respect to their farming enterprises. For Amanda, poor health also played a role. The Depression of the late 1920s and through much of the 1930s required the sons to seek new economic opportunities. Ernest appears to have been the most successful of the children. One wishes that the 1920 and 1930 censuses had enumerated him and his family so that one could better document the positive changes that were occurring. The years following World War II were favorable ones, it appears, for all the surviving branches of the family. The development of the plutonium industry in Richland, Washington attracted many skilled and semi-skilled workers to the area,. Albert’s family may have been among them. Charles’ second wife, Brita may have been a positive influence for keeping the Seattle branch of the family together. If tombstones are indicative of religiosity, she may have been quite devout. Her tombstone carries the additional words “Asleep in Jesus.” Ernest’s reads, “I shall sleep but not forever."

# Journal
The time came now, for American fever set into my way of thinking and I wrote a letter to Joel Stål in Rochester, Washington State and asked him how it was over there...

# Digging for roots
In 2001 I read an article about a newspaper reporter's search for his roots in Sweden and Finland. When I read the names of some of his ancestors from Finland, I felt that I could help him find some data, which I did. This is the story of his search.

# Why did they settle here?
There were several reasons that contributed to the emigration of people from Sweden and Finland and their eventual settlement here. By 1900, when the influx of settlers really began in our area, both Sweden and Finland were already feeling the results of years of population increases. Poverty was on the rise in both countries, jobs were hard to find, cities were becoming crowded, and farm land was nearly impossible to obtain...

# Exploring for diamonds in Canada
Three years ago Larsmo native Magnus Haglund started a diamond exploration firm in Canada, together with his colleague Raymond Ashley. The company has been on the stock exchange for a year.