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07-12-05, 04:43
Saukkola/Backman and Haanpaa UPDATES!?
Katarina Saukkola Backman..may have actually been Kristina. when they emmigrated in about 1890, she supposedly left a sister in Finland according to a family letter I just found. It also stated that her husband had died during a cholera epidemic...and she supposedly emmigrated into Canada then to Sault St Marie?

RE: Haanpaa...a letter written by my grandfather Emil stated that his grandparents names were Sam and Mary and that his father Isak left his eldest brother in Finand with an address in Vaasa, Tumomi who lived to be about 93. The brother had a daughter who's name was Elma, m name Jussila. She would have been born abt 1901.
The photos I posted in the other section...are of their home and Isak's brother, Elma, etc....however!! Any suggestions on how I might proceed from here? I do not know if Elma and her spouse had any children, whether they stayed in that address/home I have from 1971, etc.