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08-12-05, 21:19
I am searching for an ancestor born around 1690 somewhere in Finland. Anytime during the Great Northern War (Det stora Nordiska Kriget) he escaped to Sweden. I guess that the war was the reason.

I am one of the descedants of Erik Bryberg which was born around 1690 and died 1747-02-21 in Undrom,Rödön parish,Jämtland Sweden.
He got married in Frösön,Frösö parisch,Jämtland Sweden.
Settled down in Rödön parish there 6 children were born.

It is easy to track him here,but not in Finland. So,now I am wondering if there are somebody who knows who his parents was,where he was born,if he had siblings and if they got any families of there own

I have not been able to search in the militaryrecords at our archive here yet.But,he was a "horseman" (Ryttare)

Thankful for all information, Hirit:)

June Pelo
09-12-05, 01:15
Have you seen this Genos article:

There is also this website, but I couldn't get into it:
Odder Avis
... Erik Bryberg fra museets støtteforening gjorde det godt som nationaldigteren fra Odense (Foto: Søren E. Alwan) 1/12-2004 Alle gættede eventyr på museets ...
www.odderavis.dk/articles/ articleShow.php?articleID=1592


14-12-05, 22:54
Thank you
I have seen the first link about the Genos article,it is the same info. as I already have and the other link seems to be something else.Thank you anyway, :)