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D J Granlund
08-12-05, 23:31
I need help locating the home parish of my great grandfather Frans M Grönlund DOB ?1847, immigrated ? june 1887, homesteaded in Moose Lake Mn 1896, DOD 1899-1900.

09-12-05, 00:10

I was looking after Frans M Grönlund on HisKi.
I found two Frans M.
One in Björneborg
Frans Mathias, born 20.10.1835 baptise, 23.10.1835
Father: Sjöm: Maths Grönlund
Mother:Maja Stina

One in Kumo
Frans Michel, born 8.10.1830 baptise 10.10.1830
Father: Sp trp Michel Grönlund
Mother:Brita Simsdr 45 years old.

Are you sure that he was born 1847?


D J Granlund
09-12-05, 16:53
My best information is the "Declaration of Intent" with the Minnesota Naturalization. He stated before a Circiut Judge that he was born in Finland in 1847 and arrived in the USA in 1887. If I accept these facts, my search must go on. I did not find those 2 individual on HisKi so my search skills need more practice. Thank you for your efforts!!

09-12-05, 17:57

The parish of Korsnäs in Ostrobotnia could be worth a try.

I have a Frans Oskar Mickelsson Grönlund born in Korsnäs in my files.

09-12-05, 18:09
addition to my reply,

Frans Oskar emigrated to the states and have at least two children born in USA.

Edvin Frans Ludvig Grönlund b.1906-03-05 in Springfield Mass.
Dagny Mildred Grönlund b.1908-08-27.

If your Frans M.was born 1847 then he was quite old in 1908.


D J Granlund
17-12-05, 16:39
I haven't been able to obtain a copy of the death cert but Frans M Grönlund died in Minnesota 1899-1900.

Karen Douglas
17-12-05, 21:17
Do you know if any of your Grönlunds have ever lived in Michigan? I have an Abraham Grönlund, born in 1871 (presumably in Vasa, Finland) who lived in Dollar Bay, Michigan.

Unfortunately, I know little else about him or his family, but thought I'd mention it.


D J Granlund
18-12-05, 00:17
I am not aware of any relatives in MI. Stranger things have occured. I know almost nothing about my great grandfather.

Jaska Sarell
18-12-05, 02:00
Just few notes concerning HisKi search for Frans M Grönlund.

1. His father may not have used the surname Grönlund at the time of his birth, or maybe never.
2. He may have taken the surname himself, as he was already 40 years at the time of immigration and taking surnames became popular by the end of the century.
3. The particular parish may not yet be ready in HisKi fot that year.
4. A good point is, that Frans was not yet so popular name in 1847. You'd have more problems finding a Erik, Henrik, Jacob, Johan or Matts :(

Assuming 1847 is correct year of birth, it's not an impossible task to find him sooner or later among all Frans M's, provided all the births of 1847 (+- a year or two) become available, and the records have not burned. At the moment HisKi finds about ten Frans M's born in 1847 in the parishes already included.

Good luck!

:) Jaska

18-12-05, 11:01
If Frans was born 1847 and emigrated 1887 at the age of 40 he probably was married or had been married. Did he arrive alone and marry in the US or did his wife arrive with him? What was Frans' occupation?

Hiski lists several Grönlunds that married after 1865, even several by the name Frans...

Snappertuna - married
17.1.1878 Karis Vestanby Vallasvidja Torp.s.u.k. Karl Frans Grönlund Pig. Erika Lovisa Lindström Norrby

Storå - Isojoki - married
30.6.1878 Sastmola Inhyses Frans Gustafsson Grönlund Bondedottren Maria Eriksdotter Saloniemi Wesijärvi

Björneborg - Pori - married
6.9.1866 Stadsförsaml: F:d: murarelärlingen Frans Mathias Grönlund sjömans dottren Ida Sofia Lindgren

D J Granlund
18-12-05, 16:15
The old family rumor has it that Frans was a preacher in Finland as was his father before him. As to the birth date, only the year is stated 1847 on his naturalization intent declaration. The year of arrival is listed as 1887 with no vessel name. I have come across Grönlunds in Viipuri that were preachers and the name Frans comes up but the name and dates do not work out????? I do not know where or when Frans married Kristiina but they had their only son Frank, my grandfather, in Minnesota in 1892. Kristiina probably came from Karunki and her father as listed on her death certificate was John (johan) Kuula. If that is correct her name probably was actually Stina Fredrika.

Kaj Granlund
23-12-05, 16:56
Being a preacher can also mean that he was a lay preacher in some of the revival-movements within the lutheran church. That is, he can be from any parish and the main movements at that time are counted to be 4. That means he won't usually be found in the parish history.

Immigrationyear is probably correct. But there is always a possibility that the birthyear is incorrect cause many young men escaped on their own the Russian army at that time, and to be able to enter USa they had to be "older" than they actually were. Then there will be no passport either.