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D J Granlund
10-12-05, 16:55
I'm seeking the home parish for Frans M (Maurice?) Grönlund. Born in SF 1847, Arrived in USA 1887, Homesteaded in Moose Lake MN 1896, DOD 1899-1900. His spouse was Kristiina and son was Frank M Granlund, DOB 24 Aug 1892.

June Pelo
10-12-05, 19:32
I checked all parishes in HisKi for Frans M. Grönlund, b. 1847. There were none listed. There was a Gustaf Mauritz Grönlund, b. 20 Sep 1847 in Gretarby, Nystad to Isak Grönlund and Eva Lovisa Lindholm.

I checked all births in 1847 for the name Grönlund - there were 36, 16 of them were male. But none were Frans M. or Frans Mauritz.

There were a lot of births in Pori with the name Grönlund, ranging from 1847 to 1860.


Karen Norwillo
10-12-05, 21:45
I think I found the son, Frank M. Granlund, on the 1930 census in Eagle, Carlton, MN.
Granlund, Frank, age 37, married at 21, born MN, parents both born Finland, truck farmer. Wife Anna, 33, 17 at marriage, born MN, parents born Finland. Children: Ernest, 15, Ester, 13, Edward, 12, Elmer, 10, Walter, 6 and Edith, 5, all born MN.
WWI Draft Registration 1917 for Eagle, Carlton, MN has a Frank More Gronlund, age 25, born 8 Aug 1892 in Kalevala, MN, works as ? stationary engineer, maybe sanitary engineer (trash collector), town of Eagle, wants deferment due to "defective body and support of family. He signs it Granlund. No luck finding the family on other census. No luck with father and mother. Karen

14-12-05, 17:52
On TALKO Ulla Höglund and Matti Strang and Göran Berglund have a lot of Grönlunds. Let's hope they check Finlander soon:)

15-12-05, 04:28
Could this be the younger Frank on the 1910 census?
The age is way out ...

Surname: GRONLUND Given Name: F
Age: 23 Sex: M Race: WHITE
Birthplace: FINLAND
County: CARLTON Locality: 2-WD CLOQUET
T624-Roll: 692 Part: 1 Page: 34 Subpage: B
State: MN


D J Granlund
15-12-05, 22:07
I too have come across this person but the dates do not work out Frank M Granlund was born 24AUG1892 so he would have been 18 in the 1910 census. He is found in that census but with his stepfather and mother in Cromwell MN. Also by this time the surname had morphed from the original Grönlund to Gronlund to Granlund. Thank you for the efforts!