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Tracy Boeldt
25-09-03, 00:29
Hi all,
I need some words translated from the letter I got from a cousin in Sweden:
3:e året Estestiska, Etnologi, grytorna (ground), eldgaffel (fire-fork), bilfabriken (car factory), pappersmassafabrik (paper/pulp factory), jordbruks, elkraft, sjökapten (sea captain), utvecklings, stöda, kallade för "Silkes-Sara",Selma tyckte hon var finare än andra, pingstförmlingen (something--parish), byggnadsfirma, mattaffär and helrenoverad.
Thanks in advance!

29-09-03, 18:48
Hi Tracy

Here is a translation of some of the words in your list:

3:e året = third year
Estetiska = estetic
etnologi = ethnology
grytorna = cooking pots, but if they are in the ground the word means round deep holes made by rotating stones during the ice age. They are not very common but they can be tens of yards deep.
eldgaffel = fire-fork
bilfabriken = the car factory
pappersmassafabrik = pulp factory
jordbruks = agricultural
elkraft = electrical energy
sjökapten = sea captain
utvecklings = developement's
stöda = support
Kallades för "Silkes... = was called "Silkes ...
Selma tyckte hon... = Selma thought she was much finer than the others
pingstförsamlingen = pentecostal parish
byggnadsfirma = construction company
mattaffär = carpet shop
helrenoverad = totally remodeled