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12-12-05, 14:56
A plane is on its way to Detroit, and a blonde woman is sitting in an unoccupied first class seat even though she only has an economy ticket.

The flight attendant watches her doing this, and politely informs the woman that she must sit in economy class because that's the type of ticket she paid for.

The blonde replies, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to Detroit and I'm staying right here."

After repeated attempts and no success at convincing the woman to move, the flight attendant goes into the cockpit
and informs the pilot and co-pilot that there's a blonde bimbo sitting in first class who refuses to go back to her
proper seat. The co-pilot goes back to the woman and explains why she needs to move, but once again the woman
replies by saying, "I'm blonde, I'm beatiful, I'm going to Detroit and I'm staying right here."

The co-pilot returns to the cockpit and suggests that perhaps they should have the arrival gate call the police and have the woman arrested when they land. The pilot says,"You say she's blonde? I'm married to a blonde. I know how
to handle this." He goes back to the woman and whispers quietly in her ear, and she says, "Oh!... if only you had
said so earlier," then moves back to her seat in economy class.

The flight attendant and co-pilot are amazed and ask him what he said to get her to move back to economy without causing any fuss.

"I told her first class isn't going to Detroit."