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13-12-05, 20:08
I am starting research on this couple. John was born in 1847. Anna in !850. They were married in 1872 and immigrated in 1879. I think that they came through New Orleans because they had a child born in Arkansas, two children born in Ohio, and their last born in Minnesota.

John became a Methodist minister in Carlton Co. Minnesota. They lived in Split Rock. He died in 1908. Anna died in the Cloquet fires in 1918.

Their children were Amanda, Oscar, John, Thomas, and Charles.

Minnesota's naturalization records aren't very good, so I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to where else I might look to find out where they came from in Finland.

13-12-05, 20:48
Du you have the birth date.

Then it will bee easyer to finde them in Finland

Henrik Mangs

June Pelo
13-12-05, 22:21
HisKi has only 4 marriages in 1872 between a Johan Michaelsson/Mickelsson and an Anna. The Hipnola name doesn't appear anywhere. One match would be in Kerimäki:

Johan Michaelsson Suomalainen married Anna Sofia Willanen 8 Dec 1872.

Other parishes where there was a wedding in 1872 between a Johan Michaelsson and an Anna:

Hankasalmi:Johan Michaelsson Pietilain and Anna Paasalain, married 7 Dec 1872

Kurkijoki: Johan Mickelsson Sikiö and Anna Nenonen, married 6 Oct 1872

Virolahti: Johan Mickelsson Wapalahti and Anna Taipale, married 22 May 1872.


D J Granlund
25-12-05, 17:58
I have some additional info for you. You can also look this up yourself at MNHS.org (Minnesota Historical Society-death certs). John H Michaelson Cert number 1906-45A-1745 died 28JUL1906 in Carlton County. His place of birth Finland (no Parish) and mothers maiden name not indexed. NOTE: this is an odd cert number. There is much less info indicated for Anna S Michaelson Cert number 1918-MN-002507. This is the usual format for the cert number. You can, for a fee obtain a copy of these death certificates. I have found that sometimes the cert actually has a little more info than suggested on the MNHS listing.

25-12-05, 23:26
Hi Amy?
Welcome to Finlander!
Have you tried to obtain obituaries for John and Anna? Or their children?
As a minister there may have been a very detailed obituary written about John.

The Carlton County Historical Society may also be useful in your search.
The following link gives a list of holdings particularly mentioning
Finns in Carlton County and books written about them.
Some of the books have been written in the last few years and may be available through your local library.

Have you obtained copies of each of the census?
Have you tried Family Search?
Here is the url for the MN Death Index D Granlund mentioned.
There is a link to the MN Birth Index 1900-1911 on the page.

Merry Christmas & Best wishes

D J Granlund
26-12-05, 15:29
Last August I spent a day researching at the court house in Carlton. The records are all manual. The people were friendly but of course busy doing what the county pays them for. If you need information from the records, basically you need to be at the counter and fill out the search form for the specific item you are searching for. One item leads to another and so goes a day very quickly. If you want the address phone number and a helpful contact name I would be happy to send it in a private email. When I first joined the list, I did not know about PM's and I am sure people that sent them to me wondered if I was on vacation or something. Anyway, it's a good day every day if we learn at least one thing. Happy New Year!

26-12-05, 20:31
I checked the Swenson films lists and did not find a methodist church for Carlton County MN.

Chuck and welcome to sfhs!


Jaska Sarell
26-12-05, 23:19
That name cannot be quite right in my mind. It's the consonants pn in the middle that doesn't sound Finnish. I can think only of some loan words that has such a pair, like in Finnish equivalent for hypnotic.
Perhaps the original name has been something similar, or the interpretation of handwritten document is slightly distorted :(
Some possibilities: Hienola, Heinola, Hepola, Hyppölä...

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
27-12-05, 23:33
I found the family on the 1900 and 1910 census in Split Rock, Carlton, MN.
1900 sp. Mishaelson, John H, Aug 1847, 52, married 28 yrs, Finn, US 1879, farmer
Wife, Anna S, Jun 1850, 49, Finn, US 1879
Oscar A, Mar 1884, 16,born AK, day laborer
John H, Apr 1885, 15, born OH, farm labor
Thomas, Apr 1888, 12, born OH, at school
Charles W, Apr 1891, 9, born MN, at school
1910 same place
Michaelson, Anna S, 59, widow, Finn, US 1879
MN Death Index: Anna S Michaelson, 12 Oct 1918, Carlton, MN
Oscar A Michaelson
15 Mar 1884-4Jan 1956 Carlton, MN
MT Death Index: Charles W Michaelson est. DOB 1892-1 Jan 1969
Toole, MT
1920 census, Aitkin, MN
Michaelson, Oscar A, 35, AK, parents Finn, farmer
wife, Selma, 30, ND, parents Finn
children, Evelyn, 6
Mabel, 4
Lawrence, 3
Alice, 2, all born MN
1920 census, Harriston, Walsh, ND
Michaelson, Thomas, 32, married, OH, parents Finn, railroad agent
wife, Jennie, 29, Iowa, parent Wales
children, Ida M, 6 and Ruth E.S. 1 1/2, both ND
1930 census, Adams, Walsh, ND
Thomas is 42, married at 22, still a railroad agent
Jennie is 39, married at 19.
Ida M is 16, Ruth E is 11, Marion M.J. is 9 and Joyce is 6.
Hope this helps. Karen

Jaska Sarell
28-12-05, 13:48
Another original name possibility for Hipnola could be Hihnala.
That came to my eyes when searching in HisKi for a possible Anna S. born in June 1850.
There's Anna Sophia b. 17 Jun 1850 in Himanka, parents farmer's son Anders Larsson Hihnala and Anna Brita Henriksdotter (Vihtari).
Interestingly there's also a suitable candidate for John H. Michalesson in Himanka, born 28 August 1847. Parents of Johannes Henric were Michel Andersson Kuivaniemi and Anna Brita Henriksdotter (Rönn). Selecting the patronymic name as surname in America was rather common.

May be just a coincidence, but worth while for further research :cool:

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
28-12-05, 16:55
I found a WWI Draft card that could be Thomas's, but the month of birth is different. Maybe the ennumerator in 1900 went a little crazy with all the children being born in Apr.
Thomas F Michaelson, 29, born 28 Jan 1888 in La Grance, OH, at least that's what the spelling looks like, railroad agent, married, lives either Netoma or Ketoma, Cavalier, ND. Karen

Karen Norwillo
28-12-05, 18:06

On Ancestry.com "One World Tree", I found
Juho Heikki Kuivaniemi
born 28 Mar 1847 Finland
married 19 May 1872 Finland
spouse Anna Sofia Hihnala
Anna Sofia Hihnala
born 17 Jun 1850 Himanka, Hihnala farm, Finland
parents Amadeo Himel and Anna Priita Vihtari
Amanda Agnete Kuivaniemi
born 26 Feb 1877 Himanka, Finland
parents Juho Heikki Kuivaniemi and Anna Sofia Hihnala
No parents listed for Juho
So it looks like Amanda emigrated with the family and wasn't born in the US. They probably used the Kuivaniemi name until they got here as Jaska suggests.

Jaska Sarell
28-12-05, 18:26
Karen, I think we did it !
Sleuths like Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot :D
Amadeo Himel must be somebody's invention from Anders (Antti) Hihnala.

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
28-12-05, 18:41
If you have a Family History Center near you, passengers arriving at the port of New Orleans 1853-1899 can be viewed on FHL# 0543419 names Kleecamp to Lacrosse. They're alphabetical and Kuivaniemi should fall in this roll. If they're not on this roll, try the roll for Michaelson, the people there should be able to help you in ordering the correct one. Karen

21-11-06, 20:57
I posted my message, did as much as I could on my great-great grandparents, and then worked on other lines. I just today checked back to see...and to find all of the information you have provided for me...tears came to my eyes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

I am going to order the ship's manifest and I found that the FHL has church records for Himanka, so I will order those too.

I appreciate your kindness...
Amy Davis

Jaska Sarell
22-11-06, 01:15
Welcome back Amy!

Since last fall HisKi (http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski?en) has got additions for Himanka. Marriage data now extends to 1889 and births to 1906.
Marriage 19 May 1872:
Sjömannen Johan Henrik Michelsson Kuivaniemi and
Bondedottren Anna Sofia Andersdotter Hihnala
Born 16 Dec 1872:
Father: Sjömannen Johan Michelsson Kuivaniemi
Mother: hustru Anna Sofia Andersdotter 22
Child: Selma Sofia (Död 22.12.1872)
Born 23 Feb 1877:
Father: Bondemågen Johan Henrik Michelsson Hihnala eller Kuivaniemi
Mother: hustru Anna Sofia Andersd:r 26
Child: Amanda Agneta
Link to Amanda's birth details
here (http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski/?en+0093+kastetut+2103)

So Johan Henrik was a seaman before marriage and some time after that, before 1877 he had become son-in-law farmer at Hihnala farm.

:) Jaska

22-11-06, 20:51
Dear Jaska,

Thank you for all of this information! I am ignorant about anything Finnish, especially language. However, I am also Norwegian so I understand about strong farm affiliations.

I was wondering, are Hihnala and Kuivaniemi farm names? My aunt told me that our Finns were part Swedish. Should that be obvious because of the Michelsson and Andersdotter?

Am I correct in thinking that their first child, Selma died?

Also the records show his name as Johan and Juho? Why Johan? I am guessing that Juho is the Finnish spelling of the name.

I love knowing that he was a seaman! As you saw from my original post, he became a minister in the U.S., but had to farm to make a living. He was also an enumerator for the 1900 Federal census - he had beautiful handwriting.

I looked Himanka up on Google and found some great pictures - what beautiful country!

Thanks again!

Jaska Sarell
23-11-06, 02:11
I am not familiar with Himanka, but I think they both are farm names. At least Hihnala farm can still be found in a map about one mile north of the town center.
Hihnala on map (http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/karttalinkki/karttalinkki.html?cx=2482992&cy=7108382&scale=16000&tool=siirra&lang=en-GB)
Yes, Selma died within eight days.
BTW. HisKi still seems to lack birth records from 1878 to 1890.
All the church record keeping was done in Swedish in those days even in Finnish speaking parishes, so were the first names. That changed in 1880's, as in Himanka in 1888 (looked at marriage records). Mentioned farm names are completely Finnish.

Have fun learning about your Finnish roots!

:) Jaska

23-11-06, 22:15
I looked at the link for HisKi because I still have to find one other line, but was overwhelmed. Perhaps you can tell me the best way to search...Amanda Michaelson married Fred Anderson (although my aunt says that she had heard that their name was Amundsen). They married here in the U.S., but Fred was born in Finland too. He was born June 24, 1872. His father was Frank Anderson and his mother was Carolina. They were married about 1870. He was born Jan 1849 and she was born Aug. 1847.

If this is too much to ask or if you can help me to use the program myself, please just let me know. I appreciate all that you have done thusfar and don't want to ask too much!

When you listed the mothers of John and Anna Michaelson, there was a name in parentheses, were those the farms they were from?

Thanks again and have a wonderful day!

Jaska Sarell
24-11-06, 00:57
Not so many parishes have data of late 1800's in HisKi yet :(
Couldn't find any suitable Fredrik.

Those names in parenthesis were the names the brides used in marriage records.
Rönn sounds like a proper surname - there's a candidate (former soldier's daughter) in Kalajoki, northern neighbor of Himanka.
Vihtari is a farm in southern neighbor parish of Lohtaja. There's also a very good candidate.

You may try to search them yourself, for practise. Just put the child's name and father's first name (easier to put only a few letters like Hen in these cases).

Nice coincidence to have same name for mother and mother-in-law, even the same patronymic :p

:) Jaska

24-11-06, 09:11
I found the possible parents for John and Anna's mothers. I was wondering what "tvill b." means?

Also is there a way to search all parishes in one area at the same time?

You said that one of the Anna's father might be the former soldier. What do the abbreviations "afsk." and "fd." mean before the "sold."?

Thank you!

Jaska Sarell
24-11-06, 12:57
Glad you found them!

"tvill. b." = tvilling barn = twin child
If you look at all children for Johan Henriksson Vihtari and Anna Brita Johansdotter, you'll see that there was a twin brother Henrik, who apparently died soon as there's another Henrik four years later.

"f. d." = före detta = former
"afsk.sold." = afskedad soldat = resigned or retired soldier
See: List of abbreviations (http://www.genealogia.fi/lyh/indexe.htm)

Soldier names usually were short, like this Rönn, and always Swedish (rönn = rowan).

I guess that sooner or later you'd better start looking at other church records for Himanka, Lohtaja and Kalajoki. Especially so called communion books (fi: rippikirja) are useful for seeing the family details. Those are gradually coming available online at FFHA ( site, but that volunteer work may take years. You can look at some other examples though. LDS microfilms can be ordered to your nearest family history center.

Using HisKi alone may lead to wrong tracks :(

Finlander members surely will assist you through possible difficulties.

Happy searching!

:) Jaska