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13-12-05, 20:12
I have been trying to find some information on this couple to trace them back to Finland. I looked at the Minnesota naturalization records and they only had his signature. If that was even him.

My aunt told me that she had heard that his last name may have actually been Amundsen.

They lived in Carlton Co. Minnesota.

Any suggestions on where to look next?

Thank you,

14-12-05, 08:53
Originally posted by AmyJ2005
...My aunt told me that she had heard that his last name may have actually been Amundsen.

Amundsen sounds very Norwegian?


June Pelo
14-12-05, 20:58
I remember my father talked about Raold Amundsen, the Norwegian explorer of the Antarctic in the early 1900s.


15-12-05, 03:49
Hi Amy,
Welcome to the Finlander Forum. You haven't mentioned any dates in your enquiry which makes it difficult for people to help with particularly popular names like Anderson.
Have you obtained death certificates or looked up the Minnesota
Death Index online sometimes mothers maiden name is listed
or a date of birth. http://people.mnhs.org/dci/

Marriage certificates usually contain the most accurate information because they are completed by the parties involved.

Have you checked genealogy sites for Carlton County, MN? Many have indexes which are searchable on-line.

Could this be your Frank? The index only lists heads of household so access to the actual image is necessary to establish whether it is.
T624-Roll 692, Part 1,Page 65,Subpage A,
State MN,

Best wishes,

William Dahlin
13-01-06, 22:25
Hi Amy,

1920 Census Carltonk Progress Dist 12 Minnesota

Frank Anderson
Age 50 = b. 1870
b. Sweden F&M from Sweden
To usa Unk

Emma wife
Age 56 = b. 1864
B. Sweden F&M from Sweden
To usa 1886

1930 Census Carlton, Progress Dist 24 Minnesota

Frank Anderson
Age 60 = b. 1870
To usa 1890

Emma wife
Age 68 = b. 1862
to usa 1887

If you have any birth date's

this may check out for you.

Also Death Records on the following:

Frank Anderson
b. 13 Mar 1876
d. 19 Aug 1955 Carlton

Frank Henry Anderson Sr
b. 8 Jul 1905
d. 9 Feb 1969 Carlton

Frank Oscar Anderson

d. 26 Apr 1943 Carlton