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13-12-05, 21:30
Is there anything like our HisKi Finnish church books online in Sweden?

It would be wonderful to search for ancestors in Sweden using one's own computer. After finding any information it would be much easier to order some microfilms etc. Or even take a vacation trip to a known place.
There is like a wall risen between me and my Swedish ancestors. Someone is born in Västgötland, maybe in Foglås? It's really difficult to proceed. Any new step further in research would be a pleasure.

all your information is really appreciated here! Hanne

14-12-05, 00:22

I suppose you know about it. Then maybe you know about this place, see below:


I think there are hiski equivalents in certain counties. Some free, some not free.


Gita Wiklund
14-12-05, 19:49
Hej Hanne!

I noticed your question i Rötters anbytarforum about a "Lars Fredrick Hallongren, född 09 Juli 1729 i Foglås " who had a son born in Hedemora 1762.

If you search in centrala soldatregistrets databas on "släktnamn" (not soldatnamn) Hallongren you will get for example:

Frimodig, Lars Fredrik [Hallongren] Socken: Hedemora

and a filenumber.

Could this be your relative? Search here:

Centrala soldatregistret (http://soldat.dis.se/soldater.php)

Gita Wiklund
23-12-05, 20:56
Hej igen!

Här är en bra startpunkt om du söker svenska data:

Sök svenska avskrifter (http://www.palmestal.com/avskrifter/)

Obs! När du gjort dina val, tryck enter.

God Jul!

24-12-05, 05:50
I couldn't find the "enter" link until it occurred to me to first click upon the 600x800 logo so if you don't see the enter link at the bottom left frame, your screen resolution is incorrect.


Gita Wiklund
24-12-05, 13:33
Hi Chuck!

I didn´t see the button either, but instead pressed enter on my keybord. That works fine.


28-12-05, 00:11

This is the Swenson links listing. Some parishes are free, some charge a fee and I believe the same holds true for counties. It is a good listing of info for Sweden.

And if you need something for Swedish churches in America, give me a PM. I do free searches just for the fun of it. I think it's something like heroin to me.

I've got to have a hit, just one more hit.


13-03-06, 23:19
hello Gita, Granskare

thank you so much for your help. Don't know how I managed not to see your answers earlier... (maybe because forgot my password some time ago and didn't get to Forum at all.) But all your addresses will be useful also later!

I was in Sweden Stockholm for a couple of days, and visited Arningen (?) SVAR filial, but just for two days. Found Lars Hallongrens family in Hedemora around 1760. It was in a Husförhör - unfortunately without any information about parents years or places of birth. Foglås - maybe Norra Fogelås - is a possible place.

So now I'm using all the addresses you gave to search in the internet. Thanks, your hints will be very useful!
Need to check which one of those pay-one-month-get-access-to-microfiles is most useful, do they all have all the parishes and places and church books.

Is there maybe a Guest Room system in Stockholm area as we have in Helsinki Genealogy society?
Or maybe researchers could give a helping hand to each other - by giving a place to sleep for a couple of nights for someone who travels from far.
It was so wonderful and exciting to find information about ancestors in the Swedish Archives! There _is a thread! I'm dreaming of a two weeks of free time to research in Arninge and where ever the archives are...


Gita Wiklund
16-03-06, 00:02
Is there maybe a Guest Room system in Stockholm area as we have in Helsinki Genealogy society?

I don´t know. Never thought about it. You could perhaps check with Sveriges släktforskarförbunds informationsansvarige

Klicka här för kontaktuppgifter (http://www.genealogi.se/forbund/kontakt.htm#Information)

I used to live in in Stockholm, but right now I´m far off at the west coast unfortunately..

However here is a selection of Stockholms backpacker inns if you´d be interested:


I on my hand can´t wait to visit Helsinkis archives again. There they all are situated so close so one can quite easily walk from one to another. I know exactly what you mean, I would also like to stay longer than a few days next time.

Good luck!


18-03-06, 14:04
Now I'm happily visiting Swedish archives, comfortably sitting at my computer at home. Just a few days ago decided to sign in genline, ([www.genline.se) and they happened to have a fine offer. Did'nt take many minutes to decide what to do:

"Lördagen den 18 mars firas Släktforskningens Dag runtom i Sverige. Vi på genline vill också vara med och uppmärksamma denna dag och gör detta genom att erbjuda alla att den 18 mars teckna ett årsabonnemang på genline för endast 1695 kr "

"Today is the Genealogy Day in Sweden, and a whole year of genline costs 1695 Skr. Just today...

Last night I found already the same church archives and information, that I found during my visit in Arninge two weeks ago. If I only knew - would rather have spent those two days visiting all the wonderful second hand shops and flea markets in Stholm.
Well, Arninge was worth visiting, though. So nice to see the house full of genealogy researchers.

now, back to the archives! hurraa! Thanks to you, granskare, Gita, genline is really a good place to visit.
Hopefully I'll learn to understand better the Swedish handwriting of 1600- and 1700's...

Gita Wiklund
18-03-06, 21:09
It must be priceworthy for you to have genline, considering the costs to visit Arninge a week or two.

19-03-06, 09:51
Hanne tried to post a picture without succeeding - so here the picture is.

If I understood right Hanne wonders what was written after for example the name "Jonas Cedercreutz".

The only that comes into my mind is "i stället"????

Any ideas?

19-03-06, 14:47
thank you Hasse!

it might be 'i stället' as you suggest. Is there a "st" in the beginning of the word...

there are words and names that I can't manage. These people are the godfathers of my great-etc-grandmother, she was born 24.11.1725 in Sweden.

Sara Lona. Lieutn Hr Wilhelm Ridderstolpe i Holm, faddrar: Hr (?) Landshöfdingen Jonas Cedercreutz i fullet/fällat/sällat/stället (What's this word, no idea) & ?? majoren Tawast. General Majoren Carl Fredrich Igenshiöld (<- ???or sthing like that) i xxx. X Hendrich Kunberg/Runberg, Comendeuren Carl Ridderstolpe i xxx. Hr(?) Eric Fortelius, Högwärde xxxx Magister Magnus Sakestedt (??what's the 1st letter). Fru Prostinnan (?) Anna Kock Dahlborg, fru Ester Elisabeth Prenberg, Jungf. Catharina Gyllenkrok, i xxxx Jungf: Anna Kohlbeckia (?).

all xxx:s are mysteries, so far
and the ?: s also...
all your suggestions and corrections are helpful and valued!


Gita Wiklund
19-03-06, 15:27
Hi Hanne

"Högwärde xxxx Magister Magnus Sakestedt (??what's the 1st letter)"

I suggest that it is Magnus Sahlstedt instead of Sakestedt, unless you know that it is Sakestedt.

There was for instance a priest (prost i Stora Tuna, Dalarna) with this name at this time. Magnus Abrah. Sahlstedt 1686-1752.
(google for more...)

Where is this anyway (what part of Sweden, parrish) ?

19-03-06, 18:58
hi there!

it's most wonderful, you are absolutely Right about the priest:

Sara Lona is born and lived in Stora Tuna, Kopparberg, before she got married with Lars Hallongren, then they appear in Hademora Nordansiöö before coming to Finland.

thanks again

19-03-06, 18:59

Hedemora, not Hademora