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14-12-05, 18:58
It is very interesting, that the origin of Finnish place-names is quite often in Sami language. Sami and Finnish languages are close relatives, as are also Sami and Finnish people.

It has been found Sami place-names, or Sami-originated place- names everywhere in Finland.
Maybe less in Åland, but quite much in Österbotten and other Swedish speaking regions, too.

One example of a most usual Finnish place-name that originates from Sami:
Salo and -salo, like Hiidensalo etc. From the Sami word "suollo" which means "island". As the ground is still rising after the last Ice Age, most of the 'Saari' are not islands any more.
Salo also quite often is the word used about a forest island in middle of fields.

Karen Norwillo
15-12-05, 04:13
My family name is Sulasalmi, which my father said meant an unfrozen inlet or sound. My grandfather was from Kuolajärvi (Salla). My gggrandfather changed from Jaakkola to Sulasalmi when he settled on an inlet of Lake Kuolajärvi. Karen

16-12-05, 04:19
hi Karen

Sulasalmi - a beautiful name. Gives an impression how the place looks like.
Don't know if the word has any Sami connection,sorry.
Sula is used in many ways; sula - sulaa hulluutta-plain madness, sula maa - 'plain' or unfrozen ground, soil etc.
Sulasalmi, an inlet which is unfrozen - maybe because there is heavy flow of waters to keep it open all winter.

it means a sound too? Do you know more about it -
Only musical term that I know would be "sul A" , it's Italian meaning 'play on the A string/use the A string to play this note, these notes' - hubby is a violoncellist. Or the word "sulo" like in 'sulosointu' - a beautiful, sweet chord.

Kuolajärvi, it's now on the Russian side of the border.
(will try to find about the *kuola')

sorry, this wasn't much of a help. Hanne

Karen Norwillo
16-12-05, 18:45
A sound in this instance was an inlet where it is said the water did not freeze over in winter. I did not mean it as a sound that is heard. Karen

17-12-05, 04:51
hmmmmm...so sorry for the mistake. Ofcourse. My apologies!
Was thinking too 'proffs' - I'm a musician ;D