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Karen Norwillo
15-12-05, 04:22
Do any of you Yoopers know of a place called Coke or Cokes Mill near Marquette circa 1890-1910? Karen

15-12-05, 06:30
COOKS Schoolcraft MI 1888-Date

Post office list does not give anything for a Coke or Coke's Mill.
My Ghosttowns of the UP says no to Coke or Coke's Mill but there is a lot given for Cook.
Lots of names so if you have somebody, maybe he was postmaster or saloon keeper or whatever.

Karen Norwillo
15-12-05, 17:19
I was sent copies of info recently and the woman is looking for the first place of settlement of Viktor Palmgren, later Kallio, who came to UP through Canada from Finland in 1896. Just says he lived in a place he called Coke Mill or Cokes Mill near Marquette. There was a Temperance Union there and the church was well attended. Later he moved to Crystal Falls, where his family joined him. I have much info from her. It's just the location of this place that she's interested in. Karen

15-12-05, 21:49
checked Marquette Co again to see if such a place as Coke or Coke's Mill is mentioned - nothing found.
My 1888 map showed Eagle Mill in Mqt Co so perhaps that is the place?
My 1921 map showed Cook / Cook's Mill in Schoolcraft.
There is a place named Eagle Mills - check this 1904 map:

Sometimes memory of things is mixed up.
There were some iron ore furnaces in Alger County at present day Christmas that used coke.

Best I can do.