View Full Version : What is found in this forum?

25-09-03, 09:16
I am collecting info from the TALKO database into a couple of subforums.

1) "The different collections" will contain the surname listings of each collection. One collection per thread. Comments upon the content of the collection may be posted as replies to this thread or to the normal "genealogy" threads

2) "How to generate gedcom" - here I want to gather a collection of help documents, perhaps a thread per used genealogy program. How should one do to generate the magic gedcom and submit it to the talko -project? I very much would appreciate help in posting help douments here!

A small hint... If you are searching for a certain surname, use the search function (button in the button bar), enter the name into the proper field and search from the "Gedcom Talko" forum (avoid searching from the whole forum, since this takes more time)

Other subforums may be created as time passes.