View Full Version : Why people move to Florida

June Pelo
16-12-05, 01:59
This is no joke. Someone from the UP of Michigan sent me this picture...


Karen Norwillo
16-12-05, 18:48
June, I remember as a kid going to town(Crystal Falls) after the snowplows went through and not being able to see anything but a wall of snow on both sides. Karen

16-12-05, 20:56
I've seen that pic before and I believe it is Iceland.

Some people continue to deny that the UP is a great Canadian winter destination now outpolling Duluth. Where else can you get pasty? Florida? No way:)

During my son's first year at MTU in Houghton, Keweenaw County got about 32 feet of snow and the stories of frat boys sliding out of the second floor windows on dining hall trays was entirely without truth (trays came from the old cafeteria)