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Kay Voth
18-12-05, 04:42
Are there by any chance any of Arthur Selander's relatives on this board? Or any relationships of Karl Fredrick Karlsson Selander? I have Lydia, Karl Johansson, and Selma Johanna.. But was wonering if someone "alive" out here who might be any relation? Arthur lived in Portland I believe and was a celebrated artist...

18-12-05, 10:33

Quite a few Finlander members should be related to Selander since he belongs to the big ostrobothnian genepool... And - Karl Fredrik is his brother...according to Talko

1. Selma Johanna Karlsdotter SELANDER, b. 26 SEP 1875, Karleby, Karleby, Finland
2. Lydia Charlotta Karlsdotter SELANDER, b. 6 JAN 1877, Karleby, Karleby, Finland
3. Karl (Charles) Fredrik Karlsson SELANDER, b. 24 DEC 1878, Karleby, Karleby, Finland
4. Irene Karlsdotter SELANDER, b. 1884, Marshfield, Oregon
5. Arthur Alexander Karlsson SELANDER, b. 14 DEC 1884, Marshfield, Oregon
6. George Edwin Karlsson SELANDER, b. 11 JAN 1887, Marshfield, Oregon
7. Wynn Karlsson SELANDER, b. 27 JAN 1889, Marshfield, Oregon
8. Edith Marie Karlsdotter SELANDER, b. 28 JAN 1891, Marshfield, Oregon
9. Elna Mae Karlsdotter SELANDER, b. 26 MAY 1893, Marshfield, Oregon
10. Seth Ellis Karlsson SELANDER, b. 30 JUL 1895, Marshfield, Oregon
11. Hilder Ruth Olivia Karlsdotter SELANDER, b. 22 FEB 1898, Marshfield, Oregon

June Pelo
18-12-05, 23:39
Kay and Hasse,

All those children were born to Karl Johansson Silakka-Silander-Selander, 1854-1921 and Johanna Charlotta Karlsdotter Nyman, 1857-1924.
Selma married Johan Gran/Grant
Karl (Charles) married Alzora Wilson
Arthur married Nettie Beyers
George married Sigrid Granfors
Edith married Orville Wilson
Elna married Milo Richardson
Seth married Dorothy Willard
Hilder married Joseph Skinner

A few years ago I worked with Jacqueline Allen on this data. I don't have her address any longer, but do have one for one of her relatives - who is descended from Selma. I'll send Kay her address privately.


19-05-07, 06:06
Does anyone have any information on Karl and Johanna's parents? I can't seem to find any information about them (Karl and Johanna) before they came to the USA, such as their parents names, birthplaces, and, well anything really.

Brian Skinner
Grandson of Hildur Ruth Olivia Selander

June Pelo
19-05-07, 22:30

I have the ancestors of Hildur's mother and father. I'll attach an ahnentafel with the data I have. Perhaps someone else can fill in the missing data.


21-05-07, 02:10
WOW! Thanks so much for the Selander ahnentafel. That's way more than I expected to get. I'll be busy for awhile now researching these names some more!


June Pelo
21-05-07, 02:21

Did you know that Hildur had 7 siblings in the US. Do you know Jacqueline Allen? She's the great grandaughter of Selma Selander, married to John Gran/Grant, and has data about the entire family.


Kay Voth
21-05-07, 22:55
Hello Brian Skinner: :) Maybe you can write me, I would like to know more of your family. I am the great-niece of Selma Selander Grant. my email is VVoth_2[at]msn.com