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Karen Norwillo
18-12-05, 18:54
Have a question regarding Marketta or Margareta Lill-Tarvonen. I have her as the daughter of Erik Eriksson Stor-Tarvonen and Carin Thomasdotter. I just received some new info and it has her as the daughter of Erikki Paavonpoika Lill-Tarvonen and Marketta Simontytär Hyytinen. Both have the same date of birth 15 May 1664 in Lappajärvi. Unless there were two born the same day in Lappajärvi. Karen

Jaska Sarell
18-12-05, 21:59
There seems to be different opinions as to in which Tarvonen family she belonged :confused:
HisKi for Lappajärvi births starts from 1663 and all that there is says in 1664 a daughter was born (christened D.Rog.) to L. Erich Tarwoin. That church Sunday (D. Rogata) seemed to be on 15 May in that year ( http://almanakka.helsinki.fi/arkisto/166405.gif ).
I have linked Marketta/Margareta to Erkki Paavonpoika (Erik Påhlsson) Lill-Tarvonen based on Jorma Höykinpuro's research (here (http://koti.japo.fi/~jkhpuro/jorma.htm) - see Table 263). That way I got more relatives for my Hyytinen collection :D
This is not yet in my Talko entry though.
Sometimes I would really like to see the arguments for those early family connections :cool:

:) Jaska

Karen Norwillo
19-12-05, 21:41
Thanks, Jaska. Still confused, but glad I'm not the only one. I guess I'll just store the info away for the future. Karen