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June Pelo
18-12-05, 23:10
I have a request from someone in Finland who is seeking information on relatives who came to the US as follows:

My grandfather and his two sisters immigrated in USA in during 1900 and I have searched for them without answers. I would be very happy to hear any news of them.

Heikki Friis, b. 18.8.1875 Haapajärvi, Finland. He arrived at NEW YORK 10.3.1909 by Oceanic-ship. His destination was San Francisco California, address 820 Ivy Avenue. His ID number was 101535050413 and Bath number P00153-5.

Anna Kristiina Friis (her marriage name was Peterson), b. 28.1.1882 Haapajärvi Finland. She immigrated in USA in year 1901. According to her letters in 1950 she lived in San Fransisco California, address 146 Rousseau str. San Francisco. Anna has two daughters; Irene and Catharina. One of her daughters was married to Mr. Olson and they have one daughter, name Phyllis. I think Anna died in 1951, San Francisco.

Aili Maria Friis, b. 3.8.1884 Haapajärvi, Finland. She immigrated to USA in year 1903. I think that she also lived in California.

I would be very happy if you have any news of them.

She sends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

If anyone can find anything about them, I would be happy to send it to her.


19-12-05, 01:07
Hi June,
I found Anna Kristina on the CA Death Index

Last Name|First Name /Middle |Birth Date |Mother Maiden |Father Last| Sex|Birth Place |Death Place |Death Date|SSN|Age
PETERSON |ANNA KRISTINA |01/28/1882 |HERRANEN |FRIIS | F | REST (OTHER) |SAN FRANCISCO(38) | 01/11/1951 | |68yrs

I didn't see Friis on the Directory of Finnish People and Their Descendants in the San Francisco, California Area, 1938-39 at GSF.
This is a very useful wbsite for San Francisco.

I found only 3 Finnish born Friis on th 1910 census index. Heads of Household.
Prida 57 & Sekrid 18 in Clallam WA
John 46 in Fitchburg Worcester MA.


Karen Norwillo
19-12-05, 23:22
According to the Institute of Migration, both Anna and Aili were headed for Gloucester, MA. Aili, 19, left England 22.04.1903 SS Canada. Anna, 20, left Finland 30.03.1901, no date from England, but travelled same Dominion Line as her sister, no ship given.

June Pelo
19-12-05, 23:44
Thanks Karen and Jeanette. I'll pass the information on.


20-12-05, 22:43
I found a possible marriage for Anna Kristiina.
San Francisco Marriages
15 April 1906 to 31 May 1906
This index was created from the records available at the San Francisco Recorders Office in the City Hall.
Peterson, John E. |23 |Friis, Annie |22 |5/2/1906| P. Andreen |1-131


June Pelo
20-12-05, 22:55
Thank you, Jeanette. She's happy with the other info. that you found, so I'll pass this along, too.


William Dahlin
22-01-06, 19:23
Found this June,

1910 Census San Francisco, Ca.

John E. Peterson
Age 27 = b. 1893
Married 3 yrs
usa 1899

Anna R
Age 28 = b. 1882
2 children 2 living

Irene E age 3 b. 1907 Ca.
Anna C age 1 b. 1909 Ca

Did not come up any other census records. Spelling by the
census taker may be the problem.

June Pelo
22-01-06, 19:50
Thanks, Bill. I'll send the info on to Suoma.