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19-12-05, 06:29
Tuisku Elis Adolf . .1876

I found this guy on the migration institute passport list. I had him born 1877 based on age of 53 on the 1930 census.
I would be grateful if somebody with full access would give the additional information. I have no information that refers to birth parish so this will be a tough hunt.


19-12-05, 07:37
14.10.1896 171 Itsellinen (23 v) Elis Adolf Juho-Aapraminpoika Tuisku itsellinen (24 v) Maria Kustaava Jaakontytär Oinas

at hiski I tried Rovaniemi because the mormon site showed an Elis born 1873 at Rovaniemi and this looks very solid.

My cousin is a Tuisku so I am helping her with this. Independently she gave me the info that her grandfather was
Eli Tuisku and grandmother Mary Oines

So for me this is a solid match.


19-12-05, 07:47
Tuisku can be found near Borgå/Porvoo in Askola - at least. Not many Elis/Elias around there born those years. One possible far fetched:

Porvoo - Borgå - christened

* Years 1875 - 1877
* Child's first name: ELIAS => Elias, Elisabet, Elias=Ferdinand

Born Christened Village Farm Father Mother Child
13.6.1875 17.6.1875 Gammelbacka Hollsved Sjömans E:an Sofia Lovisa Grönlund 35 Adolf Elias (oäkta)

19-12-05, 07:53
The key as I see it is that surname of the wife, Oinas or as my cuz had it, Oines.

This Rovaniemi connection is going to give me a good base to work upon.


Karen Norwillo
19-12-05, 22:03
I looked at the passport on Migration. There are 5 issued to a Elis Adolf Tuisku, all from Rovaniemi, all with slighly different dates of birth. I found two born 1870 going to Sweden as a merchant in 1916. I think these are definitely the same person. One born 1871 and one says 1876, again a merchant going to Sweden in 1918. Probably the same personas the first two. The last says 1873, listed as Elis Adolf Juho-Aaponp. leaving Finland for Amerikka 1900 with wife Mariia Kustaava, born 1872 and 2 children. I did not find them on the passenger list. Karen

23-12-05, 22:44
Margareta found a couple kids born to Elis and Maria Tuisku named Juho and Selma, born 1897 and 1900 at Rovaniemi.

My cousin knew these and was surprised they were born in Finland so we have another lose end tied up:)

I don't know when they left Finland or by what means. I tried Trondheim but no luck there.

1930 census shows they emigrated in 1896 but 1920 census says 1900 so I think 1910 will give us 1904:))

Thanks again Margareta !!
I wanna look cool this time so...

Tapio Rautio
09-08-09, 15:22
Hello Chuck!

Maybe this is no longer an open question,
but anyway.

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