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19-12-05, 12:17
Söker information framåt från Gabriel Karl-Eriksson Mangs f.2.5.1853 i Yttermark och Helena Danielsdr Skomars f.11.5.1857 i Yttermark,
Helena Alina f.13.9.1881 ytm
Gabriel Wilhelm f. 8.10.1883 ytm d. ?? 1977 ??USA
Karl Johan f. 11.11.1886 ytm
Ida f. 2.2.1888 ytm
Johannes Alfred f.3.8.1890ytm-d.4.12.1892ytm
Hulda Augusta f.22.9.1892 ytm
Edit Olivia f. 15.11.1898 ytm

Dessa emigrerade till Amerika 1900 och 1903.. Vill ha dödsdatum, familjer, etc


19-12-05, 12:48
Detta är det lilla jag har.

Tabell 1
Mangs, Gabriel Karl-Eriksson. Född 2/5 1853 i Ö:Yttermark Närpes. Bonde å Mangs nr8b 5/24 mtl 1887-1895 5/48 mtl 1895-1900. Utflyttad 1900. Död i USA.
Gift med Skomars, Helena "Maja-Lena" Danielsdotter. Född 11/5 1857 i Ö:Yttermark Närpes (Närpes Kb 1853-59 p3/170). Far: Skomars, Daniel Mickelsson. Bonde. Född 8/11 1814 i Ö:Yttermark Närpes (Närpes Kb 1846-52 p3/163). Död 20/5 1867 i Ö:Yttermark Närpes (Närpes Kb 1867-76 p3/397). Mor: Träskvik, Anna Maja Henriksdotter. Född 30/9 1825 i Taklax Korsnäs. Död 26/1 1885 i Ö:Yttermark Närpes (Närpes Kb 1877-86 p3/485).
Mangs, Helena Alvina Gabrielsdotter. Född 13/9 1881 i Yttermark. Utflyttad 1900. Inflyttad 1900 till USA.
Mangs, Gabriel Vilhelm Gabrielsson. Född 8/10 1883 i Yttermark. Inflyttad 1900 till USA. Död ../6 1977 i Delaware New York USA.
Mangs, Karl Johan Gabrielsson. Född 11/1 1886 i Yttermark.
Mangs, Ida Gabrielsdotter. Född 2/2 1888 i Yttermark.
Mangs, Johannes Gabrielsson. Född 3/8 1890 i Yttermark. Död 4/12 1892 i Yttermark.
Mangs, Hulda Augusta Gabrielsdotter. Född 22/9 1892 i Yttermark. Se tabell 2.
Mangs, Edit Olivia Gabrielsdotter. Född 15/11 1898 i Yttermark. Inflyttad 1903 till Amerika.
Tabell 2 (generation 1)
(Från Tabell 1)
Mangs, Hulda Augusta Gabrielsdotter. Född 22/9 1892 i Yttermark. Utflyttad 1903. Inflyttad 1903 till Amerika.
Gift med Asplund (Wörd), August. Född 5/5 1889. Död 7/2 1977 i USA. Far: Wörd, Karl Johan Karlsson. Född 10/8 1848 i Träskböle. Död 3/5 1925. Bonde i Yttermark. Mor: Rofhök, Anna Stina Johan-Henriksdotter. Född 23/7 1850. Död 22/2 1931.
Asplund, Alice Gertrude. Född 1930 i Amerika. Se tabell 3.
Tabell 3 (generation 2)
(Från Tabell 2)
Asplund, Alice Gertrude. Född 1930 i Amerika.
Gift 27/5 1950 i Sidney New York USA med Hoke, Harold Gerald.
Hoke, Norin Carla. Född 1951 i USA.

Henrik Mangs

19-12-05, 23:12
Hej Henrik,

Detta hade jag också, förutom August K-Json Wörd´s dödsdatum. Han var född i Träskböle, Korsnäs (har kollat upp det idag)

Du har ingen aning om syskonens och föräldrarnas öde ????


20-12-05, 17:06
Hej, Närpesgröbb.

Tyvärr så har jag inget om vidare öden.
Har försökt haft Mangsenarna i USA att hjälpa mej, men hittills utan resultat.

God Jul
Henrik Mangs

20-12-05, 21:53
En riktigt God Jul även åt dej, Henrik


Karen Norwillo
21-12-05, 18:57
Ninni, I found all the family on the Institute of Migration. Gabriel (1853) left Finland 24.03.1900 with Gabriel (1883) and Helena (1881) to Worcester, MA. Three years later in 1903, Ida, Hulda and Edit, along with Lena left for Springfield, MA on the SS Polaris 12.08.1903 and SS New England from England on 20.06.1903. Holder of passport was Lena (Helena). Karen

Karen Norwillo
21-12-05, 19:29
Ninni, I found the family in the US Census in 1910 and 1920 in Springfield, MA. Everyone is there except Karl Johan. I found him leaving Finland 01.05.1902 to Springfield at age 16, but he's not with the family in 1910, Gabriel works as a machinist in a candy machine factory as does William. Looks like he uses that name. In 1920 all the children are still at home except Helena. All are single. William is a toolmaker, Hulda and Edith are stenographers in a warehouse. Ida is not employed. I found Gabriel Mangs 8 Oct 1883 died June 1977 in Sidney, Delaware county, NY and Edith Mangs 26 Nov 1898 died 13 Sep 1995 in Worcester, MA. Looks like she never married. I'll do more searching, but I have to go to work. Karen

Karen Norwillo
22-12-05, 06:42
More results. Found Mangs, J. Carl, lodger, 28, single, Finn, machinist, publishing company 1910 Census in Bridgeport, CT. Also found his WWI Draft Reg. Carl John Mangs, born 11 Jan 1886, resides 10 Mortson St. Hartford, CT, age 32, Russia, nearest relative: Gabriel Mangs, 57 Phoenix St Springfield, MA. I think I found him and his wife in the CT Death Index 1949-2001: Carl J Mangs DOD 13 Jul 1962, New Haven, CT, says age 70 which would put his DOB off, but I think it's him. Residence Branford, New Haven, CT. Spouse Wend.
Wendl H Mangs, DOD 16 Apr 1960, Branford, New Haven, CT, 71 yrs.
Also found two others that could be sons. Carl E Mangs 30 Oct 1920-21 Oct 2003, Branford, CT and John H Mangs, 3 Mar 1924-25 Dec 1988, married (Lilli) 6 Cider Mill Lane. Occupation:architect
Lillian K Mangs, fathers surname: Kapitan, 5 Nov 1926-29 Jun 2000, widow (John) 6 Cider Mill Ln. Retired bank officer

1930 Census Springfield, MA
Erikson, Helena A, 48, widow,Finland, housekeeper
Erikson, Doris H, 7, born MA
Mangs, Gabriel, 76, father, married at 28, Finland
Mangs, Helena, 73, mother, married at 25, Finland

1930 Springfield, MA
Mangs, Gabriel, 46, married at 42, Finland, toolmaker
Mangs, ?Ogda? 29, married at 26, Sweden
Mangs, Elsie, 2, MA
Had abit of a hard time finding them, Ancestry had them as Mango. Hope this helps, Karen

22-12-05, 07:34
Thanks Karen for the interesting information.

Merry Christmas
and a
Happy New Yeare

Henrik Mangs

23-12-05, 22:51
Thank you so much for you help Karen,

Merry X-mas and a Happy New 2006 !!!!!!!!


Karen Norwillo
24-12-05, 01:58
The Carl Mangs I found may not be your Carl. I found his WWI Draft Registration and it says, Carl Mangs born 16 Apr 1892 in Narpes, Wasalan, Finland, laborer paving company, single, in Worcester, MA. I think this is probably the Carl who was married to Wendla and not yours.I found him and Vendla in the 1920 census and it says he came to US 1912.
The first draft card I found should be your Carl. I found another Carl J. Mangs in Trenton, Mercer, NJ in the 1930 census and he looks like a match.
Mangs, Carl J, 44, married at 36, Finland, US 1902, linotype machinist, print shop
Mangs, Emma E, 54, age at first marriage 20, NJ, German ancestry
Kuhn, Harry F, 31, step-son, NJ, clerk, rubber mill office
This fits the DOB and year of emigration. Karen