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25-09-03, 09:23
If you aren't participating in the TALKO-project and haven't posted any gedcom yet you have acccess to the 6 first pedigree previews only. If you have a hunch that there are interesting connections after that you have to post a message about it. The collection's submitter then probably will respond to your posting.

If you have gedcom material to submit - contact me!

Tracy Boeldt
25-10-03, 01:30
Hi Hasse,
I have yet to post my gedcom and I still have no clue how to do this or what gedcom program to go with--any suggestions?!

25-10-03, 07:27
If you are using one of the popular genealogy programs you always have an option within this program to store your genealogy into GEDCOM and send it to the Talko -project.

Gedcom is no more than an interchange format, ie. a way to describe family relations in a standardized manner. So...

If you haven't been using a genealogy program you have to choose one from the plentitude of brands. There are free ones out there as well as programs you have to pay for. All programs I have seen and used can export and import GEDCOM.

In the software forum (http://finlander.eget.net/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=39) you have some possible programs to choose from and the forum members have opinions of the pros and cons if you post a specific question.

Are you using a Windows box or perhaps even a Mac?

Tracy Boeldt
25-10-03, 19:49
I'm using Windows box and I have been to the software forum to check out the different programs. There's a lot to choose from!

25-10-03, 20:14
Look at Roots Magic. June has spoken very positively about that one. Personally I do my genealogy on a Mac so I can't point out the best Windows one. Actually I haven't seen any that is as userfriendly as Reunion on Mac yet.