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June Pelo
23-12-05, 22:24

Lena greeted Ole at the door of their apartment when he came home from work. "Guess vhat," said Lena. "Remember ve have been talking about getting a more expensive apartment?"
"Ya," said Ole. "Vhat about it?"
"Vell," said Lena, "now ve don't have to look. Da
landlord yust raised da rent!"

June :p

24-12-05, 01:19
A fun page June but when I see that talk about lutefisk, it reminds me that some have said it's just better to take your lye straight.


June Pelo
24-12-05, 19:05
They say you either like it or you don't - there's no half way. I've been eating it since I was about 5, old enough to remember my father soaking the lutfisk in water each day until it was ready to cook. There was also a keg of herring that ended up as inlagd sill and sillsalat - yum.

June :)

William Dahlin
24-12-05, 19:37
Hi June,

We always look forward to our Christmas Eve Lutefisk
dinner. I have kept it up since my childhood days in

Big changes in the prep of the fish as we now miro wave
the fish for a few minutes and it is ready to eat. It costs
10.00 a lb in California but it is sooooooooooooooo good.

Thanks also for the song O Lutefisk. I had miss placed
my last years music and was so glad to see it on the

We sing this as we sit around the table before we have



June Pelo
24-12-05, 22:26

It's easy to find lutfisk in Minnesota. I think I read that the fish markets in Duluth sell about 26 tons of it. All during December there are lutfisk dinners in churches and private homes. Somewhere on this website someone said it's never too cold in Duluth to eat lutfisk. Among all their sporting events they hold a lutfisk-eating contest.

I saw a good idea for the white sauce - someone said they add peas and a touch of bacon to it. I may give it a try sometime.