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25-12-05, 16:52
According to Ancestry.com Boston passengerlist there is a Maria Klo listed.This Maria Klo is probably my greatgrandma travelling to her husband Kristian Klo in 1893. I am interested in what information the document can give but i dont have access to Ancestry.com so if somebody with accsess could check for me i would be grateful.


D J Granlund
25-12-05, 17:32
I checked ancestry and found the listing for a Maria Klo age 20 Female Married Servant could read and write of Finnish nationality from Mustasaari and the closest relative at departure mother Karolina Klo of Dragnesback Mustasaari. This is the information listed on the ship manifest for the Cymric arriving in Boston on 7AUG1913 having departed from Liverpool. In addition Ancestry lists as friend's name Alfred Nybacka. Merry Christmas!

25-12-05, 18:38
Looks like this was not the Maria Klo i am searching for.Thank you anyway for your lookup and a Merry Christmas to you too.


25-12-05, 20:44
Hej Christer,
I think you'd said they'd gone to Upper Michigan or Minnesota - somewhere up there.
An 1893 emigration date could be one that where ancestry has no info as of yet. My father's father traveled that year to upper Michigan via Quebec. That year was one of the feww that was unlisted.

Waah (no emiticon for crying so try to imagine crying, ok?)

26-12-05, 02:01
Your Chris Kloo/Klos was found in the 1920 census in Cape May
Wildwood New Jersey.
Chris 50 , eimg. in 1882 naturalized 1888 Finland Boat builder in own shop
Wife Ida 40 born in North Carolina , Ida 17, Myrtle 16, Edna 12, Anna or Auna 6 and Calre 3 They lived at 120 Davis Ave.

View Record Name Family Members Home in 1930
(City,County,State) Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Relation View Image

Chris Klos Ida Klos Wildwood, Cape May, NJ abt 1868 Finland Head
Ida Klos Chris Klos Wildwood, Cape May, NJ abt 1880 Wife
View Record Anna Klos Chris Klos,
Ida Klos Wildwood, Cape May, NJ abt 1914 Daughter
View Record Carl Klos Chris Klos,
Ida Klos Wildwood, Cape May, NJ abt 1916 Son


26-12-05, 02:05
Found two more in 1930

View Record Name Family Members Home in 1930
(City,County,State) Estimated Birth Year Birthplace Relation View Image

View Record John Kloo Wildwood, Cape May, NJ abt 1880 Finland Head
View Record Oscar Kloo Edla Kloo Queens, Queens, NY abt 1877 Finland Head

26-12-05, 02:32
That Boston arrivals Maria was born in 1893, not a traveler in that year.

I tried to find her but no luck, maybe she landed at a small port.

Good luck,

26-12-05, 11:50
Thank you Chuck and Alicia for your help.
However nothing of that information seems to fit.

This might be my greatgrandma.
From Ellis Island database:
June 18 1894 The Etruria from Liverpool to New York
Maria Isaksdotter ,wife, age 24, going to New York.
Her age is ok:born 1870
Patronym is ok
Destination is ok: Kristian Klo went to New York in 1892
The only thing we know for sure is that they ended up in Bessemer MI because their daughter Ida Vilhelmina was born in Bessemer June 14 1896.Maria and Ida Vilhelmina returned to Finland in Dec 1899 and Maria died in Jan 1900.Kristian came to Finland for her funeral and stayed until 1903 when he returned back to America.Dont know what happened to him after 1908 or where hi lived,rumor says he was murdered.

29-12-05, 00:16
I will look for her in the baptismal records of the churches in Bessemer.

I have seen Isakson surnames but have looked for Kloo/Klo without any luck. Now that I have an exact birthdate, I just may find your Ida. If we are lucky, we will then have the name of the father and mother.
I recall doing a search for somebody and we found the surname changed to something totally unexpected but that hardly seems to be the situation here.

btw, The Isakson ppl had given names of Otto and John and both from Mustasaari and then Otto is listed again as Isakson Lo but I don't recall the Finnish parish from your original query about Kloo.


29-12-05, 14:10
Hi Chuck

Thanks for offering help.Might be that they changed their names to something else,dont know.Maria Isaksson´s maiden name was
Lo or Loo, but they married in Finland before emigration.Look forward to see what you can find in Bessemer.My mom told me that her mother Ida Vilhelmina always said that she was born i Bessemer so i guess that is the place to look in.


29-12-05, 23:41
found at Swenson S 22 = Gogebic Co, Bessemer, Saron Lutheran

38h Otto Isakson Lo Sep 16 1875 Mustasaari Korsholm 1896 S 22
38w Anna Sofia Isaksdr. Berg Feb 14 1877 Mustasaari Korsholm 1897 S 22

This might well be your people. Otto is the husband and Anna Sofia the wife. As I said before, I will check for children born in America.

ps/just got a fam tree from Finland courtesy of Margareta Leppinen. Lots of unexpected names that I have seen on this website and one goes back to 1627. So I guess we just didn't appear suddenly in 1827 or so

Karen Douglas
30-12-05, 02:30
Hi Christer,
I can add a little information to Chuck's information from Swenson. Anna Sofia Berg was my grandfather's sister. She was born 14 Mar 1877 in Finland and died 14 Jun 1960.

Anna and Otto Isakson Loo (no birth/death information on him; their date of marriage; or place of death), had six children:
Elfreda Marie, born 22 Jan 1901
Hugo, born 16 March 1902
Julia, born 29 April 1903
Mildred Josephine, born 5 Sep 1906
Otto William, born 23 Oct 1910
Elizabeth Ida., born 11 Sep 1914

When I was a child my father told me that I had lots of relatives named "Loo" in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, but I have never met any of them.


31-12-05, 15:55
Hi "cousin" Karen and a happy new year 2006 to you and everyone in SFHS.
Here is information about Otto Isaksson Loo b.July 16 1875 in Iskmo, Korsholm.

Father of Otto: Isak Mickelsson Loo b.March 6 1836 in Iskmo
Mother of Otto: Lisa Thomasdotter Blomqvist b.Nov 21 1834 in
They had 9 children: Otto emigrated to US in 1895 a brother Johannes emigrated in 1893 but returned back to Finland and a sister Johanna emigrated too, dont know when.

Father of Isak Mickelsson Loo: Mickel Isaksson Loo b.Oct.8 1800 in Iskmo
Mother of Isak Mickelsson Loo: Maja Stina Abrahamsdotter Loo b.Sept.22 1803 in Iskmo ( related to Isak in someway)

Father of Mickel Isaksson Loo: Isak Johansson Loo b.Aug.26 1756 in Iskmo
Mother of Mickel Isaksson Loo: Chatarina Eliasdotter Storgård b.April 21 1762 in Smedsby.

Mickel Isaksson Loo had a brother Gustaf Isaksson Loo b.Aug.28 1796 that is my greatgreatgranpa.( grandpa of this Maria Klo that
is requested above)

My mother have a lt of information about Loo families,so just ask if you need more.

Karen Douglas
31-12-05, 22:42
Hi Christer! And Happy New Year to you!

Thank you for all the information on Otto Loo. Do you need any information on Anna Sofia Berg?

I know we've exchanged emails before, but I can't remember what I sent to you.


01-01-06, 10:48
Hi again Karen

You did send me information about Berg family some times ago.


04-01-06, 00:24
Saron Lutheran in Bessemer MI S-22

This guy was not listed in the index but he still doesn't seem right.

John Isakson, b 16 Mars 1873 Mustasaari

w.Ida Gustafva ? West, b 20 Juli 1876 Solf

d. Ida Josefina, b 20 Mars 1900, died 24 Apr 1900

In the same book I saw Otto Isakson with wife Anna Sofia, both of Mustasaari.

The baptismal pages began with 1899 so can't find an Ida born 1896.

Give me a pm if this sounds useful to you.

04-01-06, 21:37
Hi Chuck
It looks like these people in your list are not what im looking for.
Do you mean that there is no birthregister for Bessemer 1896 at all?

05-01-06, 01:28

This is the online entry at Swenson. The church itself was organized in 1889 but these ministerial acts (baptisms, confirmations, weddings, funerals) are listed from 1899 onwards. Sometimes the pastor owned the M/A book and took it with him. That may have occurred here.

Also, only about 35% of emigrants did join a church while a greater number used baptismal, etc, services. A very few did not do that at all.
This is a Gogebic County website but it's pretty threadbare :) - if it were more like Houghton County, we'd have something.
Good luck,

05-01-06, 10:27
This site can be very helpful for people in the Gogebic Range area.


28-01-06, 06:24
I am busy these days revising the original dbase of Finnish born ppl.
I am finding errors which I wonder about but then I did have cataract surgery last spring so the eyes weren't so good before that. Anyway, today I found this added name and maybe it is somebody for you:

Dollar Bay, MI
page 2h August Backman Lo, born Aug 7 1858 at Mustasaari. emigrated 1880. Has a wife named Anna Sofia born Mar 27 1858 who is from the same parish. She arrived in 1889.

I am discovering more things require corrections in Gogebic County including old pages not transcribed so maybe somebody will have some joy from this while others will remain sad. Hmm, I am quite the poet. I

27-11-06, 03:37
Instead of Otto Isaksson Lo, it should have been Otto Isaksson Loo and he was born Sep 16 1875.
There was also a Hugo Loo born Mar 16 1902.

I may seem to have been wrong but no, I was just late being right :D :D

27-11-06, 19:28
Thanks for this info Chuck

Otto Isaksson Loo from Iskmo Mustasaari is on my family tree,he was married to Sofia Berg from Veikars, Mustasaari.Otto emigrated to America 1895.
Im still looking for greatgranpa Kristian Edward Kloo in Bessemer so if you find such name please let me know.