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25-12-05, 18:11
I am the admin for the Saline family surname project at FTDNA.
This project arose as a consequence of my searching for my birth family (I am an adoptee) after I found that I had Finnish Y-DNA marker values (and quite probably Saami).
The Saline family comes from a geographic spot about 50 miles sout of Oulu, Finland and they had a family name at that time of Savilaakso.
Later they changed the name to Selin and the Saline spelling is the "americanization" of their Swedish based Selin name. They also had the name of Saarala prior to the family moving to the Savilaakso farm.
I am not quite a match for the modern Saline family but our DNA profiles are so similar, I'm convinced we are cousins within a genealogical time-frame.
Anyone who might be interested in comparing DNA results and just getting acquainted in general is welcome to visit my website at http://wcscott.net .
My website has all the values of my project's participants (with their knoeledge and approval of course) DNA values.
If you desire more specific information than is found there, feel free to contact me by private email or here on this forum.
I can be contacted thru the Saline project on FTDNA website as well as the GAP (project admin).
So as not to scare anyone off .. I have located my birth families, both paternal and maternal.. but I'm uncertain of my father's father other than he is likely Finnish. (my profile is unusual, if not rare, even in the world of the N3 halpogroup for FInns)
I am an N3a (having the TAT-C mutation) and my 37 marker profile is on my website as I mentioned along with a number of other folx).
Merry Xmas to all,
Chris Scott

25-12-05, 18:14
I forgot, on the link to my website, to see the chart you need to go to the second page..here...
.. sorry about that...