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26-12-05, 01:20
I'm looking for any information I can find on Karolina Palo.

She was born in 1896 in Alatornio. She emigrated to the US in 1912. On the ship's manifest she listed her nearest relative as Elio (sic) Palo of Alatornio.

Does anyone have access to any records for that area? I would like to find the names of Karolina's parents particularly her mother.

I've tried corresponding with the Alatornio parish but have found them to be kind of perfunctory and not very helpful. Offering money for research hasn't been fruitful. Anyone who has a better approach or advice would be much appreciated.


26-12-05, 23:50
Do you know the destination (town/state) in America?

As to Alatornio, it's possible she would be found in the Ylitornio parish. My father's mother was listed in the Apostolic Lutheran church records of Republic MI as born in Alatornio but I found her in Ylitornio at hiski. Could be that's where you might find her. Kaj Granlund, a vicar at Esse, told me that the parish had been split.
OK, I gave it a go at hiski and saw that everything at Ylitornio stopped at 1880.

If you have the town/state, maybe I can find her at a Swedish church, you never know.


17-01-06, 06:14
I'll check HisKi for Ylitornio. We'll see what shakes loose.