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26-12-05, 23:08
the Swenson website but stuff not found there, just lists, etc.

found at Swenson 211 = Metropolitan, Zion Lutheran

4h Andrew Backlund Aug 16 1861 Pedersöre 1886 211
4h Matt Backlund Oct 25 1868 Måtar Jeppo unk 211
9h William Backlund Dec 12 1861 Nykarleby 1892 211

Others are found elsewher in the UP but only this place was mentioned.
I believe the listing also has Finnish born wives

Welcome to sfhs!

28-12-05, 00:29
Thanks for your info--
I'm new at this-- so please excuse any stupid questions I may post. -or post to the wrong place.

28-12-05, 04:12
the Swenson website but stuff not found there, just lists, etc.

found at Swenson 211 = Metropolitan, Zion Lutheran
added the Finnish born wives & kids. I don't know if there were American born kids.

7h Andrew Backlund Aug 16 1861 Pedersöre 1886 S 26-2
7w Greta Liza Oct 19 1854 Pedersöre 1889 S 26-2
7d Hulda Maria Mar 23 1884 Pedersöre 1889 S 26-2
7d Ida Johanna Jul 11 1886 Pedersöre 1889 S 26-2
4h Matt Backlund Oct 25 1868 Måtar Jeppo unk 211
4w Maria Lovisa Henrikson Apr 12 1866 Jeppo unk 211
4d Signe M. x'd off Jun 3 1902 Kaupp Jeppo unk 211
4s Matt William Aug 7 1891 Kaupp Jeppo unk 211
4s Leonard Erik Sep 24 1893 Kaupp Jeppo unk 211
9h William Backlund Dec 12 1861 Nykarleby 1892 211
9w Susanna Johanna Johnson Feb 2 1859 Nykarleby 1895 211
9s Johan Jakob Nov 12 1888 Nykarleby unk 211
9d Ida Sofia Oct 6 1889 Nykarleby unk 211
send me an email at:
granskare (at) netexpress.net if you have some questions.


Jim Bailey
28-12-05, 05:14
Hi, Chuck and Fitterman ----

In reading the notes above, it appears something is missing from the beginning of your discussion. Nonetheless, it looks as though Fitterman is trying to locate people who lived at one time in Felch, MI.

My great-grandparents settled in Metropolitan, just one mile from Felch, in 1892, before moving on in 1899 to Ashland, WI. Metropolitan gradually faded out, and Felch became the surviving town. About 1970, I found an old Norwegian lady in Felch who remembered my grandmother. At that time, I purchased the centennial book for Felch Township, 1878-1978. It is full of photos and information on early settlers.

There is no index, but I'd be glad to look through it for anyone if you provide the names.

Also, there are a number of people on this list, and on Finngen who regularly visit Felch every summer.:)

28-12-05, 05:30
Hej Jim,
Long time since we've heard from you here and your connection with Metropolitan/Felch will be super useful.

Fitterman was right on with his profile.
Backlund in Metropolitan/Felch MI.
It doesn't get any better than that.
I like a profile that has the right info.
I plan to check the church when I get back to Swenson so maybe in the meantime we'll round up other info.


29-12-05, 05:31
Hi Chuck and Jim--
I posted this info in the "members" forum-- I guess I should have posted it here-- I'll get the hang of this place soon.

My name is Eric Backlund--
I'm looking for info on my family from the wonderful UP of Michigan-- and beyond. What I have to start with is not much, supplied by my sister--

Gust Backlund is my great-grandfather

Gust Backlund born 28 Jan 1875 in Purmo(?) Finland-- son of John Backlund and Carrie (Johnson) Backlund-- no dates
Gust was married on 11 May 1900 to Edla Jonson (b 1881) daughter of John Jonson and Mary (Hanson) Jonson
Gust Backlund died May 1965

I have just started looking for info - but did find this little bit --

On October 14, 1900, nine persons organized the Baptist Church of Felch. They were: Mrs. John Backlund, Mrs. John Sundquist, John Kasen, Victor Sjoblom, John Mattson, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Backlund, and Mr. and Mrs. Gust Backlund.

That was found at this website: http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/art/article311e.htm

I would appreciate any info or tips on getting info. I will post any findings here to help others.
Good Luck to us all!


29-12-05, 06:01
Hej Eric and welcome to sfhs!

Unfortunately Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center has no film for the baptist church in Felch but your list suggests it was a Swedish Baptist Church.

So that finishes my part of this search. Unless one of yours went to the lutheran church instead of the baptist church.

I recall a year or so ago somebody else had ppl in the baptist church in Felch.

I did a search for Felch on sfhs but cannot find a person to fits so it must have been in emails. Jim Bailey and others have a lot to say about Felch so do a search and enjoy the posts.

Margareta L
29-12-05, 18:49
Hello Erik!

Maybe this will be to some help. In Felch Township Centennial Book 1878-1978, I found follow:
Matt Backlund family
" Matt Backlund came to the United States in 1895 from Purmo, Finland and settled in Felch where he and his brothers, Gust, Alfred and John engaged in the logging business.
Matt married Hanna Nyman in 1899. She too was from Purmo.
They were members of the Felch Baptist Church which they helped to establish in Felch Mountain. Matt and Hanna Backlund were the parents of eight children- Eskil, Arthur, Esther,Salem, Martha, Gottfried, Albert and Adolph."



Jaska Sarell
04-01-06, 23:47
Thanks to Margareta, I think I found the family in my data. Here's the interesting part:
Johan Johansson Lassfolk, b. 2 Apr 1828 Purmo
1. marriage 4 Dec 1853 with Maja Lisa Andersdotter Villbacka (11 Sep 1834 - 2 May 1867)
- e.g. son Johan, b. 28 Jan 1862 - emigrated
2. marriage 21 Feb 1869 with Caisa Lena Andersdotter Kornjärvi (5 Apr 1840 - 12 Dec 1891), children:
- Anna Lena, b. 26 Feb 1870, married with Gustav Mattsson Lindqvist, farmer at Sandberg in Purmo
- Matts, b. 11 Nov 1871 - emigrated
- Gustaf, b. 30 Jan 1875, m. with Edla Haapbacka, b. 31 Aug 1884(?) - emigrated (quite close, isn't it?)
- Caisa Lovisa, b. 5 Mar 1879, m. with Johan Herman Jansson - emigrated
- Alfred, b. 19 Aug 1883 - emigrated

Johan Johansson moved from Lassfolk to Villbacka soon after first marriage, thus most children got farm name Villbacka - from which surname Backlund could have been derived.

I am very interested, if that all fits, since 2nd wife Caisa Lena was my great grandfather Alexander Sarell's (b. 3 Jan 1859 in Purmo) first cousin.

For some odd reason the National Archives in Helsinki don't have microfilms from Purmo from late 1800's :mad:
Thus I cannot check the details, which are from various indirect sources ages ago (1998 onwards).

Eric, are you my 4th cousin once removed?

:) Jaska
Another farm name after Villbacka should be Sisbacka, since during Gustaf's birth father was stated as farmer Johan Johansson Siisbacka - I first though that I had misread that. Margareta's PM proves otherwise.