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27-12-05, 13:29
Project Runeberg at Linköping University in Sweden has published on line "Amerikaboken" from 1893 by Konni Zilliacus. It is a guide for immigrants to USA, containing advice for travel, working conditions, nature, a map of the USA and a short guide to speaking English.

The book in facsimile and OCR:ed plain text can be found here (http://runeberg.org/ameribok/)

Konni Zilliacus was a Finnish exile and he was leading person in the activist movement that resisted the Russian rule in Finland. Among other things he masterminded the smuggling of weapons to Finland with the s/s John Grafton in 1905.

Project Runeberg publishes old texts that are in the public domain. An interesting site all-in-all.


27-12-05, 22:41
Excellent Sune - kiitos:)

Very happy that it wasn't in Finnish!