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28-12-05, 01:28
Hello friends
My name is Eric Backlund--
I'm looking for info on my family from the wonderful UP of Michigan-- and beyond. What I have to start with is not much, supplied by my sister--

Gust Backlund is my great-grandfather

Gust Backlund born 28 Jan 1875 in Purmo(?) Finland-- son of John Backlund and Carrie (Johnson) Backlund-- no dates
Gust was married on 11 May 1900 to Edla Jonson (b 1881) daughter of John Jonson and Mary (Hanson) Jonson
Gust Backlund died May 1965

I have just started looking for info - but did find this little bit --

On October 14, 1900, nine persons organized the Baptist Church of Felch. They were: Mrs. John Backlund, Mrs. John Sundquist, John Kasen, Victor Sjoblom, John Mattson, Mr. and Mrs. Matt Backlund, and Mr. and Mrs. Gust Backlund.

That was found at this website: http://www.genealogia.fi/emi/art/article311e.htm

I would appreciate any info or tips on getting info. I will post any findings here to help others.
Good Luck to us all!

June Pelo
28-12-05, 02:39
Have you checked the Delphi collection - Syrene Forsman has added a number of lodge members for various places, including Felch - there are a couple Backlund names listed:

I lived in Flint at one time - but not since the 1950s.


William Dahlin
02-01-06, 19:47
1900 Census Dickson Felch Mi

Gust Backlund b. Nov 1872 age 27 = b. 1873
Elda wife b. Aug 1881 age 29 = b. 1881
Married 2 yrs, Parents from Finland
Yr of Imigration Gust 1872 Edla 1899
Gust was Laborer in Woods

1910 Census Dickson Felch Mi
Gust Backlund age 35 = b. 1875 Laborer odd jobs
Edla wife age 29 = b. 188l
Elna dau age 7 = b. 1903
Edwin son age 6 = b. 1904
Eli son age 3 = b. 1907
Warner son age 1 = b. 1909
Alfred brother age 26 = b. 1884

1930 Census Dickson Felch Mi

Gust Backlund age 55 = b. 1875 Farmer General
Edla wife age 48 = b. 1882
Werner son age 21 = b. 1909 piece cutter woods

Also listed is
Alfred Backlund age 46 = b. 1884 Farmer General
Hulda wife age 40 = b. 1890
Elvera dau age 28 = b. 1912
Arvid son age 17 = b. 1913
Signe dau age 15 = b. 1915
Rebecca dau age 10 = b. 1920

Gust Backlund
b. 28 Jan 1875
d. May 1965

William Dahlin
02-01-06, 20:57
1920 Census Dickson Felch Mi

Gust Backlund age 44 = b. 1876 Laborer Lumber Camp
Edna wife age 38 = b. 1882
Elenore dau aage 17 = b. 1903
Edwin son age 6 = b. 1905
Alof son age 12 = b. 1908
Warner son age ll = b. 1909

1920 Census

Alfred Backlund age 26 = b. 1884 Laborer Lumber Camp
Hulda wife age 30 = b. 1890
Elveria dau age 8 = b. 1912
Arvid son age 6 = b. 1914
Signa dau age 4 = b. 1916
Evert son age 3 = b. 1917
Rebecka dau age 6/12 = b. 1919

1920 Census

Johanna Backlund age 47 = b 1873
Escle son age 20 = b. 1900 Laborer Lumber Camp
Arthur son age 18 b. 1902 Laborer Lumber Camp
Ester dau age 16 b. 1904
Salem son age 14 = b. 1906
Godfred son age 9 = b. 1911
Albert agr 7 = b. 1913
Adolph son age 4 = b. 1916

13-02-06, 22:10
Hi Eric

Chicago cousins "second home" was Felch. My cousin married
a fellow by the name of Eskil Backlund who must have had ties to Felch. It will take a phone call or two to get more information from
cousins in California.

Bill Wright Lasare2*aol.com

20-02-06, 21:01

Speaking with a distant relative in California, she informs me that Eskil Backlund "hailed from" Felch and had sister named Esther and two brothers, names not known. Also mention was made of the "big" Backlund house in Felch, being a kind of hotel.
Perhaps other Forum-ers might recall the big Backlund house in Felch and some family members

21-02-06, 15:26
The CA Death Index http://vitals.rootsweb.com/ca/death/search.cgi can show mmn and fathers surname. A search for Backlund born Michigan returns eight people. Some of those appear to match up with the census data William posted. Perhaps they may be located in CA in the 1930 census.

Gus and Edla Backlunds children?
BACKLUND EDWIN R b. 03/17/1904 MICHIGAN SSN# 371-18-1088
d. 01/07/1960 HUMBOLDT County, CA age 55 yrs lists mmn as JONSON
BACKLUND WERNER REUBEN b.10/21/1908 MICHIGAN SSN# 380-05-2765 d. 08/09/1979 HUMBOLDT County, CA age 70 yrs

http://reunite.myfamily.com/default.aspx lists
however at SSDI I located
RENA H BACKLUND 27 Apr 1916 12 Feb 1999 (V) 49802 (Kingsford, Dickinson, MI) (none specified) 370-05-8144 Michigan
I'm not a subscriber at myfamily.com so unable to access more.
These appear to match Johannas children
ESKIL BACKLUND 13 Jan 1900 Mar 1979 52638 (Middletown, Des Moines, IA) 52638 (Middletown, Des Moines, IA) 367-14-0848 Michigan
BACKLUND ARTHUR JOHN b.10/16/1901 MICHIGAN SSN# 372-12-4506 10/17/1994 HUMBOLDT age 93 yrs mmn NEWMAN
SALEM BACKLUND b.29 Mar 1905 d.Nov 1972 49844 (Michigan)(none specified)SSN# 367-16-1632 issued Michigan
GODFREY I. BACKLUND b.25 Apr 1910 d.11 Dec 1976 96080 (Red Bluff, Tehama, CA) (none specified)SSN# 384-09-0124 issued Michigan

The SSDI shows Art (Arthur), Werner and a Helga Adina Backlund
all with (95562)Rio Dell, Humboldt County, CA as the last residence and mmn Johnson and fathers name Mattson are listed for Helga.


14-07-08, 18:01
Hi Eric -- this is your cousin Linda. I found your post when I googled Gust Backlund. I'm doing family research, too. Maybe we can share what we have found. My e-mail is LindaLarkinPeters*hotmail.com. Thanks!

15-07-08, 07:07
any chance of your ppl being in a lutheran church in that town? I have several listed.

17-07-08, 01:47
No, I think my g-grandpa was one of those that started a baptist church in Felch. Thanks