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28-12-05, 20:58
Hej Jim Bailey
Could you find any fotos of my grandmothers sisters family in the centennial book for Felch Township, 1878-1978, with photos and information on early settlers?

The family is:
Åvist, Anna Lovisa Johansdotter. (In America Anna Louise Johnson Ericsson.)Born 04.11.1877 in Åvist, Purmo. Died 29.10.1952 in Iron Mountain, MI, USA.
(Father :Åvist, Johannes Eriksson. Born 12.02.1854 in Åvist, Purmo. Died 10.11.1897. Mother: Stennabba, Anna Eriksdotter.
Born 07.01.1854 in Stennabba, Purmo. Died 11.12.1924 in Metropolitan, MI, USA.)

Married 1898 in Jeppo to
Skog, Anders Fredriksson. Born 25.01.1879 in Jeppo. Died 14.04.192? in Iron Mountain, MI, USA.
(Father: Skog, Fredrik Johansson. Born 11.05.1853. Died 20.09.1921. Mother: Grötas, Anna Eriksdotter. Born 22.06.1850. Died 24.10.1909. )

Skog, Anders Richard.
Born 23.08.1899 in Ashland, WI, USA. Died ??.09.1952. Married to , Marietta.

Skog, Anna Helfrid (Sue).
Born 17.12.1909 in Metropolitan, MI, USA.
Married to Theisen, Denis Miler. Born 02.09.1901. Died 06.06.1979.

Skog, Robert Gunnar.
Born 24.04.1912 in Metropolitan, MI, USA. Died 1963. Married to Peyton, Ida.

Skog, Hildegard Sive.
Born 21.12.1915 in Metropolitan, MI, USA. Died 10.01.1977. Married to Bouché, Leo.

Christina Nordback

28-12-05, 23:55
13w Anna Lovisa Ovist Anderson Jul 22 1877 Purmo unk 211

This could be your Åvist woman. The birth date is not the same. It could be that I transcribed it incorrectly. I did have cataract surgery this spring and when I went back to go over questionable entries in the dbase, I was so surprised to see clear book entries described by me as questionable.
I know when I get up the courage, I will go back over each church and make further corrections:)
I will see if the film has a church history. Some churches did have them and some will be found on the microfilms. Swenson opens again on Jan 3.


29-12-05, 10:36
Hej Chuck

Thank you, but this was not my Anna Lovisa
This Anna Lovisa b. 22 july 1877 is a daughter of Anders Johan Jakobsson Åvist b. 14 may 1841 in Åvist, Purmo and Maria Mattsdotter Storbacka b.7 febr. 1841.
This Anna Lovisa was married to Wicklund (I have no first name), they got 4 children, Esther, Lesley, Sandra and David.

Christina Nordback

June Pelo
29-12-05, 21:29
Just by chance, I noticed I have the following in my database:

Matts Mattsson Wicklund-Åvist, b. 18 Dec 1877, Purmo, d. 28 Jan 1931, Ironwood, MI. Married 27 Feb 1909, Ironwood to Alina Johanna Johansdotter Björnvik, b. 10 Nov 1886, Fagernäs, Larsmo, d. 10 Dec 1938, Ironwood. They had a son Einar Matt, b. 20 Jan 1918, Ironwood, who took the surname Mattson. He died 27 Sep 1960, Milwaukee, WI.


30-12-05, 00:40
Sorry this wasn't yours and I'm glad you did give info about her which just might be useful to another person who visits this place.
I did that with a Matts Nylund (I think that was the name) and this wasn't the sought after couple but about a year later somebody else claimed them so maybe in a year this will happen again?

Shall I look at the church film for you to check on American born? Give me an email if so, I am granskare(symbol for at)netexpress.net
I think Saudi Arabia should be the world legal jurisdiction for hackers and spammers. Maybe a few one armed hackers might make the net a bit better.


04-01-06, 20:25
Hej Christina,
I do indeed have your people. Check the names of the children.

Email me at granskare (symbol for at)netexpress.net if you want the fotocopies.


Jim Bailey
07-01-06, 05:38
Hej, Christina ----

Sorry for the delay. I have been away from Finlander for a few days and JUST NOW received your message about the Metropolitan/Felch centennial book. (10:30 PM, Friday, Jan 6). I will be going to bed soon, but tomorrow I will start looking through the book.

By the way, my mother's father, Edward Martin (christened Edward Amatus) SANDSTRöM, and eight siblings were born in Bromarf, but two younger ones were born in your city of Hangö. The grandson of one of these young ones, my second-cousin Örnulf Herbert Sandström lives now in Esbo, and I hope to get there some day.

Best ----

07-01-06, 12:39

My grandmother had an other sister and three brothers who came to Metropolitan too.

Erik Johansson (Åvist) Ojala b.23.3.1880 in Åvist, Purmo, d. 11.3.1952 in Felch. MI, USA

Viktor Johansson (Åvist) Johnson b.12.2.1888 in Åvist Purmo d. 16.3.1936 in Metropolitan MI, USA married to Amelia Johansson b. 20.11.1901, d. 1992

Anders Alfred Johansson Åvist b. 1.12.1890 in Åvist Purmo d. i Amerika

Aina Olivia Johansdotter (Åvist) b.28.3.1896 in Jeppo d. 28.10.1968 in Iron River, MI, USA married to Johannes Erickson f. 1894 i Oravais, d. 1959

Hälsningar Christina

07-01-06, 20:19
I did a search of the newly revised dbase for Finnish born ppl found on the Metropolitan/Felch lutheran church film.

Only one person, not at Metropolitan, spelled his surname as Åvist and he was in Gogebic County.
All of those at Metropolitan spelled their surnames Ovist. Your ppl did not show up on the membership list so they may have retained the Åvist spelling.

Are there Metropolitan/Felch born children- excepting the Skog children? If there were, I could search the baptismal lists. Ministerial acts are available from 1912 into 1931. We cannot check the funerals lists because your ppl died beyond that 1931 date but if there are children, they may have been baptised. This is the only church film that Swenson has from this town.