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Kaj Granlund
29-12-05, 19:37
A friend asked for information abt an emigrant. Leander Stubb born 12 Oct 1868 emigrated 12 Mar 1887 to USA. His brother Johan Stubb born 07 Jul 1872 emigrated to Superior Dougles Wisconsin so maybe he wewnt to his brother Leander. Information abt Johan is in talko but didn't find any abt Leander

William Dahlin
29-12-05, 21:53
Leander Stubb. I could find no information on Leander Stubb
but came up with 1920 and 1930 census records on John Stubb
and his children. Leander is not listed with them.

Could Leander have gone by another first name. Checked
all of United States and came up with a Blank. Nothing
on immigration records.

30-12-05, 00:43
Hej Kaj,
I can check Swenson for the Superior WI church films on this next week.

Chuck :)

Karen Norwillo
30-12-05, 17:40
I, too, checked Ancestry for him. Loads of Stubbs, but none that I thought might be Leander. Tried Lee, Andrew, Leon etc. What was his patronymic? Maybe he used that. Karen

June Pelo
30-12-05, 19:11
Johan Mattsson Stubb, b. 1872 in Íveresse, married Ida Johanna Jakobsdotter Flink from Esse. They had a daughter Sennie Johanna, b. 1903 in Superior, WI. Sennie married Harold Norman, b. 1902 in Superior (family from Kronoby). Their son Bill Norman lives in Superior and is a member of SFHS. Bill dropped his e-mail address because of spam.


30-12-05, 23:49
Bill dropped his e-mail address because of spam.

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Kaj Granlund
31-12-05, 19:19
Think this friend here in Esse would like to get in contact with Bill if it is possible. They are related. Jaska gave me a 5 year old address so I hope it still is the same. The father of Leander was Matts. And they also had this brother Anders Emil Stubb born 26 Mar 1880 emigrated 1902. Today they said they knew nothing of him either.

William Dahlin
01-01-06, 18:38
1910 Census Wisconsin shows a:

Emil Stubb age 42 = b. 1864 Farmer
Minnie Wife age 37 = b. 1873
Thressa dau age 13 = b. 1897
Emma da age 11 b. 1899
Delbert son age 9 b. 1901

1920 Census Wisconsin

Emil Stubb age 50 = b. 1870
Minnie C wife age 46 = b. 1874
Emma A dau age 20 = b. 1900
Delbert E son age 18 = b. 1902

Birth year does not correspond with birth date of Emil
26 Mar 1880.

04-01-06, 00:30
on Swenson film E48.

Joh. Stubb
(hustrun) Johanna

received 17 Jan 1909

that's all there was. Many many pages are the same, just a name without any particulars. Also many pages filled with Esse, Kronoby, etc, people.

Because the listing is so sparse, I will give you the names of the other people on the page:)

Joh Mattson'
(hustrun) Josefina
(Agnes) Angle

a listing of being received 17 Jan 1909

This writer was either very busy or very much inclined to being a minimalist:)