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29-12-05, 19:46
:confused: What happen after 1914 ? wiht Renfors Johannes born 1883-08-15 in ViitaniemiKorsnäs in Finland. He emigrate to USA/Canada 1914 from Finland.:confused:

William Dahlin
29-12-05, 21:21
Minnesota Naturalization Records Index 1854-1957
shows a : Johannes Richard Renfors,Virginia. Reel 10 Code 222
Volume 20 page 99.

I find no other records in Minnesota other than other
Renfor's. No birth dates close to Johannes. Could he
have gone by another name. Any other relatives that
came over.

29-12-05, 22:08
Here is Karl Henrik and his family. He is a brother to Johannes.
Renfors, Karl Henrik Henriksson.
Born 18/4 1876 in Korsbäck Korsnäs.
Died 9/11 1961 in Columbia, Canada.
Moved in 1899 to USA.
Moved in 1903 to USA.
Father Renfors (Rival), Henrik Henriksson.
Born 21/5 1853 in Korsnäs.
Died 14/11 1916 in Korsbäck Korsnäs.
Mother Juth, Anna Maria Karlsdotter.
Born 2/5 1854 in Molpe Korsnäs.
Died 12/9 1920 in Korsbäck Korsnäs.
Married 1st 6/12 1897 in USA to
Korsman, Maria Sofia Josefsdotter.
Born 18/9 1877 in Korsnäs, Korsbäck.
Father: Korsman (Korsbäck), Josef Josefsson.
Born 15/6 1850 in Korsnäs, Korsbäck.
Died 25/12 1933 in Korsnäs, Korsbäck.
Mother: Blom, Greta Stina Johansdotter.
Born 26/6 1856 in Korsnäs, Taklax.
Died 21/2 1934 in Korsnäs, Korsbäck.
Renfors, Karl.
Born 20/3 1901 in Bitumen, USA. Married 16/3 1924 in Korsnäs to
Engman, Hulda Irene.
Born 8/9 1905 in Korsnäs, Molpe. .
Renfors, Vilhelm.
Born 19/6 1902 in USA.
Renfors, Aina Sofia.
Born 1/9 1904 in Korsnäs, Korsbäck.
Died 17/8 1915 in Korsnäs, Korsbäck.
Married 2nd 23/9 1922 in Korsnäs to
Rosbäck, Dagmar Maria.
Born 7/6 1900 in Nykarleby.
Died 27/10 1982 in Molpe Korsnäs.
Father: Rosbäck, Johannes Theodor. Mother: Löf, Hulda Maria Johan-Jakobsdotter.
Renfors, Aina Maria.
Born 1923 in Molpe Korsnäs.

Henrik Mangs

29-12-05, 22:48
Karl Henrik Renfors moved to Canada 1924,this was the third time he emigrated.
Karl Karl- Henriksson Renfors b.20.3.1901 died in Canada 2000 in age of 99 years.his wife Hulda died in Canada 2002 in age of 97 years
Vilhelm Renfors b.19.6.1902 is grandfather of my wife.
I have tried to find Johannes b.1882 in US without success so far.