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30-12-05, 02:21
greetings listers

i had originally posted this info in search of
burial places of the parents here. on FinnGen

i have since contacted the parish in seek of
who is caretaker if there is indeed a marker
left . i had not been previously aware they recycled .

In the process i had been informed by a lister
that the Sandvik name is Swedish in origin
and means "sandy place" ..
i know very little about the Swedish
origins of this name.

i have been in search of this Sandvik my gggrandfather
below "Juha" and his origins.

as i understand he was a torp. in Jurva
niemenkyla, but family also said he was a watchmaker
in Finland, i wonder how we had the jump
from watchmaker to farmer. seems curious...

anyway if anyone can offer information
about him or his family i would welcome it
i have looked into the hiski database,
but i think i am not very good at it.

Juha Tuomanpoika Sandvik

synt. 23 june 1843 Laihia Finland.

d. 16 december 1881 Jurva


vaimo ;

Johannah Juhontytar Nordstrom

Synt. 25 May 1843 Jurva

Married Jurva 14 Oct 1871


i. AMALIA JUHONTYTAR SANDVIK, b. 26 Sep 1873, Vaasa Jurva Finland; d. 05 May 1956, Gloucester Essex Massachusetts. m. Jakko Nestor Haapakoski, in Jurva 1896.

ii. SANDRA JUHONTYAR SANDVIK, b. 11 Nov 1871, Vaasa Jurva Finland; d. Unknown.

iii. ANNA LIISA JUHONTYTAR SANDVIK, b. 29 Dec 1876, Vaasa Jurva Finland; d. Unknown.

iv. VALERIOUS JUHANPOIKA SANDVIK, b. 13 Jan 1880, Vaasa Jurva Finland; d. 28 Dec 1957, Rocklin Placer California USA.[charter member of the United Finnish Kalavela Brothers & sisters #5 of Rocklin Ca.] m. Ida Heikkala she b. Finland d. california unknown

thanks very much Kiovaa

30-12-05, 12:54
Hello kiovaa!
Idon't know if this helps, but I know that there is a farm in Terjärv that is called Sandvik and it is in a swedish speaking part of Finland.
I think that Sandvik means sandy creek or bay in English.

31-12-05, 09:37
iv VALERIOUS JUHANPOIKA SANDVIK, b. 13 Jan 1880, Vaasa Jurva Finland; d. 28 Dec 1957, Rocklin Placer California USA.[charter member of the United Finnish Kalavela Brothers & sisters #5 of Rocklin Ca.] m. Ida Heikkala she b. Finland d. california unknown

Hi Kiovaa,
On the 1910 census index I found the following who matches Valerious
Surname: SANDVICK Given Name: WILLIAM
Age: 31 Sex: M Race: WHITE
Birthplace: FINLAND
County: PLACER Locality: 9-TWP
T624-Roll: 91 Part: 1 Page: 150 Subpage: B
and State: CA
Last Name |First Name |Middle| Date|Mother Maiden|Father Last |Sex |Birth Place|Death Place |Residence |Death Date |SSN |Age
SANDVICK |WALTER | |01/13/1880 | | SANDVICK |M |REST (OTHER) |PLACER | 12/28/1957 |553-18-0136 |77 yrs

SANDVICH | IDA | |08/08/1878 | | | F || PLACER| Auburn |05/16/1963 | |84 yrs

I found two childrens birthdates
SANVICK Taivo E b.10 Sep 1915 PLACER County mmn HEIKKILA SANDVICK Elsa E b. 12 Jan 1918 PLACER mmn HEIKKOLA female
and corresponding death dates
SANDVICK ELMER T |09/10/1915 |HEIKKALA | | M |CALIFORNIA |PLACER |01/03/1986 |567-12-4173 |70 yrs
HUGHES ELSA ELVIRA |01/12/1918 |HEIKKOLA |SANDVICK |F |CALIFORNIA |PLACER | 07/02/1985 |567-12-0447 |67 yrs
At Rootsweb I found
Sandvick, Illa Amilia 11 Mar 1906 Rocklin, Placer, California
24 Jan 1968 Roseville, Placer, California Married: 1932
SHAWVER Leon Ray b: 21 Apr 1890 in Marshall, Oklahoma
SHAWVER ILLA A 03/11/1906 HEIKKILA F CALIFORNIA PLACER 01/24/1968 549-34-3415 61 yrs
SHAWVER LEON R 04/21/1888 M OKLAHOMA PLACER 02/09/1970 700-09-1339 81 yrs**
**Leon is listed on the death index twice with identical details except year of birth as 1888 & 1892!
Other Sandvick deaths in Placer County
SANDVICK LAURI 12/24/1907 HEIKKILE M CALIFORNIA PLACER 01/13/1980 565-88-3138 72 yrs
SANDVICK HELEN H 09/10/1919 F CALIFORNIA PLACER 12/07/1968 548-03-2269 49 yrs
SANDVICK BARBARA J 09/29/1929 F CALIFORNIA PLACER 01/05/1975 572-30-8450 45 yrs


Kaj Granlund
31-12-05, 19:40
Yes, Sandvik is of Swedish origin. Laihia is at the "language border" between the swedish - and finnish speaking parts of Ostrabothnia. And there can be some explanations sto this Swedish name. The family was Swedishspeaking. The family used a swedish name although they were finnish which also was very common 100 years ago.
Then the information about him as watchmaker. Can be true. But it is also possible he was a clockmaker. There is a tradition in that area of making big clocks standing at the floor. These clocks can be made of wood.
A link showing one of these clocks.

June Pelo
31-12-05, 21:16
I have several cousins in Finland who made this type of clock - referred to as Mora clock which were made in Dalarna province, Sweden. My cousins hand decorated their clocks very elaborately with carving and painting.


05-01-06, 10:44
thank you all! very much. Jeanette great !!

it was a great help to me.

thanks Kaj for the clock link.
i can now rememer seeing one like it in childhood
in a family home. but dont know where it went.

i will try and look up theandvik farm.. thanks Karihn

i hope soon to find some more about Juha Tuomanpoika Sandvik.
if anyone may know of this family i would be very willing to hear from you.

thanks all Kittos