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31-12-05, 07:18
Look-up-if someone has access to Ancestry.com.
Looking for Greatparents and my Grandmother.
Jonas Johanson and Wife Emma with daughter Astrid(approx.3-4 years old)who entered Boston port in the Year 1907coming from England.Left Sweden Approx. May 1907 thru Norway to Hull England then to Boston. I can't track them after Norway.
I appreciate any help

Nyberg Ernst
31-12-05, 12:51
In my tracking of relatives in the state of Washington, I have found some information from sites provided by Washington Secretary of State, especially the sites "Historical Records Search" and "Digital Archives". They pick up information from e.g. Census Records, Naturalization Records and Social Security Death Index. You can search on a certain name. No registration is necessary. Perhaps there is a similar Secretary of State in Massachusetts, where Bostob is situated? I do not know, but perhaps somebody else?

William Dahlin
31-12-05, 17:07
1920 Census Minnesota St. Louis County Ellsburg Dist. 143

Johans Johanson
Age 42 = born 1878
Imigratd 1907
Naturalized 1913
Born: Sweden
Father & Mother from Sweden
Was a Farmer

Emma Wife age 35 = born 1885
Imigrated 1907
Naturalized 1913
Born: Sweden
Father & Mother from Sweden

Astrid age 15 = born 1905
Born: Sweden
Imigrated 1907
Naturalized 1913

Lillian dau age 6 = born 1914
Born Minnesota

George son age 1 = born 1919

World War I Draft Registration 1917-18

Jonas Johanson
County St. Louis
Birth 21 Sep 1877

Will check other states for 1930 census. No records came up
in Minnesota.

William Dahlin
31-12-05, 18:21
Minnesota Death Index

Jonas Johanson, died 09/29/1953, county of St. Louis

No birth date listed. Could be your Jonas. Only clue is
St. Louis County.

Also found

Astrid Johanson, birth city: Minneapolis, date 24 Aug 1905
Death 5 Sep 2000 counnty of Hennepin city Bloomington
Mothers Maiden Name: Peterson

Could be Astrid as birth year corresponds to 1920 census

Did not come up with anything from the 1930 census.

Will keep looking.

William Dahlin
31-12-05, 18:42
1930 Census Minnesota St Louis County Ellsburg

Found Jonas In the 1930 census he was listed as:

John Johnson age 53
Emma C age 46
Astrid E dau age 25 clerk in General Store
Lillian M dau age 16
George M son age 11
Robert E son age 7

William Dahlin
31-12-05, 18:46
Death record:

Emma Kritina Johanson died 3 Jul 1947 St. Louis County
Minnesota. No other information listed.

This could be your Emma from 1920-1930 census records.

31-12-05, 20:49
"Cymric" left Liverpool June 5, 1907
Johanson, Janas 30, Emma 24, Astrid 2
from Mansjan?(hard to read), Sweden to mother Jana Erikson in St. Louis Co., Minn.

Hope this helps - Wilma

31-12-05, 23:05
Hi Klyme;
You've made the year 2005 end in a great wonderful way.
Thank you so much this is the info I've been looking for years for and no one knew it.
Was this found to be the Boston port I was'nt quite clear with your whereabouts of localing it. Do you know how I could find more about this ship.Thanks again

01-01-06, 00:28
Yes this was the Boston port. I'm not sure off hand where to find more info on the ship but I have seen it on the internet somewhere - including the picture. Try 'google' and see what you come up with. I think 'Cyndi's List' probably has some links also.
Enjoy the New Year.

01-01-06, 00:42

S.S. Cymric, scroll down to the very bottom and you will see an old picture post card image of the ship plus this website will give you particulars on the vessel. They list practically ever trip she ever took until in 1916, May 8, when she was torpedoed and sunk by German sub. U-20, 140 miles from Fastnet with the loss of 5 lives Atlantic Journey ID 3833. (copied from the website)


01-01-06, 02:21
Hi Klyne and Granskare.
Thank you all so much I wish I would have thought to enter for help from the forum along time ago,but I thought it was only for Finnish quests. Can't wait to show all the family what you all have found for me.
Thank you much again
Happy New Year to All