View Full Version : 1887 NY ships List

D J Granlund
31-12-05, 16:43
I am trying to track the entry of my mor far far (Frans Mauritz Grönlund DOB 1847) from Finland (parish unknown) to the US. He is said to have come in June of 1887 to the port of NY. I have not been able to get a lsit of the ships from Liverpool to NY for June. May is available but apparently not June. Any help would be appreciated.

Karen Norwillo
31-12-05, 19:21
On Castle Gardens, I found a M. Granlund, age 24, arrived 15 June 1889 on the "City of Chicago" from Liverpool, Finnish, destination NY. Maybe he used Maurice???But this would make his birth abt. 1865. The only Fr. Gronlund arrived 19 May 1875 thru Hamburg and would have been born abt 1853.

D J Granlund
31-12-05, 21:21
Frans had already on 24 JAN 1889 filed his Naturalization Intent in MN so that can not be the correct person. If I can get a list of all of the ships that arrived from Liverpool in JUNE of 1887 I will manually search all of the manifests to see if I can find a name that I think may be my mor far far. It may also be that he came to NY but not from Liverpool but I think this is the most likely possibility. Thanks!