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D J Granlund
31-12-05, 16:58
I am trying to research a person of interest Alma Grönlund. I have a passport number issued in Turku thru Institute for Migration. I have not found her thru HisKi or Family Home Library-IGI etc. I emailed the provisional archives to see if I could get a copy of the original passport aplication. They responded that the copy would cost 13.60 euros. They did not give me a postal address to send the funds or their IBAN for a wire transfer. I don't know if they take credit cards and if so which ones. I have emailed them back twice with no response. Does anyone know if maybe they are closed between Christmas and New Years. Has anyone in the US had experience securing documents from the archives in Finland particularily Turku? What is the usual procedure?

Kaj Granlund
31-12-05, 19:28
Have no idea of that. But I would be surprised if they don't take Visa. But my daughter is living just two blocks from the archive, and so do my son. Would you like me to ask either of them to go and check?

D J Granlund
31-12-05, 21:10
That would be fantastic!!!!!