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31-12-05, 20:10
Thank you all for the help.
But I might of not been clear. I am looking for the names of Jonas and Emma Johanson with daughter Astrid coming from Sweden by way of England. they were suppose to have landed at Boston harbor from May to ?. in 1907. Does anyone have access to ship list or passenger lists which could do a look-up. Would like to know the name of the ship or where to access this without a fee site.
All the info give by you all is correct except the Minneapolis Astrid

Karen Norwillo
01-01-06, 17:09
Ancestry has the passenger manifest of their arrival.
Johanson, Jonas 30, Emma, 24, Astrid, 2 arrived 14 June 1907 on the SS Cymric from Liverpool. Left 3 June 1907, day of arrival not seen, but Ancestry says the 14th. Says from Sweden going to Duluth, MN. He is a farm laborer.If you send me your email address by PM, I'll send it and you can probably manipulate it to a size you can read clearly. Karen