View Full Version : Arvid Jarf from Mustasaari

01-01-06, 19:11
Looking for Arvid Henrik Järf or Jarf born 1875 in Mustasaari.Passport to USA 4.12.1903.Could not find in passengerlists or Ellis Island.
Travelled perhaps via Sweden or Norway.Travelling probably with Kristian Kloo.
There is one Jarf on Boston passengerlist


Karen Norwillo
02-01-06, 00:24
Found passport on Migration, Järf, Henrik Arvid, 1875, Mustasaari, 04.12.1903. Arrived Boston 24 Dec 1903 from Liverpool on the SS Saxonia. He was 28, says going to sister Hilma ?Rodas Box 55 Salt Lake, UT. I checked all 15 pages of the manifest, no Kristian Kloo.
I did find a Johannes Kloo going to brother Kris Kloo, Holly Beach, NJ 27 Apr 1902 SS Merion. Says last res. Sweden, but he was a sailor. Karen

02-01-06, 09:35
Hi Karen
Thank you very much for your lookup.This is the Järf im looking for.
Looks like Kristian Kloo used another name or he was not travelling with Arvid Järf as i was told.Birthyear for Kristian Kristiansson Kloo or whatever name hi used is 1873 and churchbook says: to Amerika dec.1903.