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Joyce Morrell
01-01-06, 19:17
I feel I am fumbling around this site, so I hope I do things correctly. Although I live in Clatsop county, Oregon where there is a large Scandinavian community, I was born in Mendocino county, California where there are also a lot. Thanks to June Pelo, I recently made contact with a relative in Finland, which has prompted me to try again to research my families. My grandparents, came from Finland, proclaimed their Swedish origins, but passed on no information about their roots. Every scrap I have has been found the hard way, and I do not speak or read the language. The more research I do, the more surnames I find. And the more family members I find immigrated to the U.S.
My grandfather, August Soderlund, b. 1871 Malax, married my grandmother Marie Dahlquist, v. 1881, Vora in San Francisco, CA. They had 6 children. His brother came over also and his family connects to the Lundgrens. Marie and her brother Charlie came to Sonoma county,CA to work with or for "Auntie Prest". The Prest family ran a camp that cut railroad ties and had other family members there for a time.
Erik Sepanaho in Finland says many of the Dahlkar family used other surnames and lived in Michigan and the Great Lakes area. I am still untangling the info from him.
Is this too much or not enough for my beginning ?

William Dahlin
01-01-06, 20:39
Ancestry.Com lists a Gus Soderlund for 1930 census
Mendocino Co. Andersson Township.
Gus age 58
Maria age 47
Carl A age 19
Oliver J age 18
Sidney A age 15
Amanda V age 112
Chester E age 9

You have done very well with the information listed on Ancestry.com and Roots Web.

Are you looking for census records etc.

William Dahlin
01-01-06, 21:28
1930 Census Sonoma Salt Point Dist 44

Isak Prest age 70 = b. 1860 Widow
born: Finland F&M from Finland
Yr of Imigration 188Farmer General Farm
Age at lst marriage 21

1920 Census Sonoma Co. Stewarts Point

Isac Prest age 60 = b. 1860 Farmer Stock Farm
Born; Finland F&M from Finland
Marci wife age 67 = b. 1853 Finland

1910 Census Sonoma Co. Salt Point
Isac Prest age 50 = b. 1860 Farmer Imigration 1888
Elisa wife age 58 = b. 1852 Yr Imigration 1894
John son age 22 = b. 1888
Teamster Tie maker

John P Prest Sonoma
b. 28 Feb 1886
d. 1 Mar 1954

Isaac Isak Prest
b. 1859 Finland
d. 1930 Sonoma, Ca

Spouse 1 Maria Skatt
b. 1852 Finland.
d. 1930 Sonoma, Ca

Married 1880 PB Finland

Child John Johan Prest b. 28 Feb 1886 Finland

John Prest Sonoma Co. California World War I Draft 1917-18

Birth 20 Feb 1888 Finland

I noticed some Prest's in Michigan

June Pelo
02-01-06, 00:05
Hi Joyce,

I'm happy to see your mail. Sorry I couldn't find anything about your Prest line, but I figured someone on Finlander would be able to help you - and they have. A lot of people are busy with the holidays and probably haven't been checking their e-mail, but you're off to a good start. Bill Dahlin is a good searcher.

June :)

William Dahlin
02-01-06, 02:20
Hello Joyce,

More information:

1920 Census Sonoma Salt Point

John I Prest age 30 =b 1890 born Finland Yr of Imigration 1895
Tie Maker

Esther B wife age 22 = B 1898
Marion K dau age 2 = b 1918
David I son age 7/12 = b 1920

William Dahlin
02-01-06, 03:15
Hello Again

1920 Census Sonoma Salt Point

Charley Dahlquist
Age 32 = b. 1888 Finland
Occupation Tire Maker RR ties

1930 Cemsis Sonoma Salt Point

Charlie J Dahlquist
Age 42 = b. 1888 Single
Partner with John Prest age 42 = b. 1888

Stock Farm ?

02-01-06, 14:29
Hej Joyce
I got this information from my friend Else:

Parents to August Söderlund:
Johan Eric Marcusson Söderlund. Born 1823-07-05 Bergö Finland. Died 1912-02-25 Malax Vasa Finland. Far: II:1 Marcus Marcusson Wäst-Wästerback-Söderlund. Mor: II:2 Beata Johansdotter West.
Married 1855 in Malax.
Beata Jonasdotter Ahlskog. Born 1829-09-09 Malax. Died 1879-06-04 Malax. Far: II:3 Jonas Jonasson Ahlskog. Mor: II:4 Beata Simonsdotter Majors.

Beata Sophia Johansdotter Söderlund. Born 1853-03-31 Malax.
Stina Lisa Johansdotter Söderlund-Ahlskog. Born 1855-08-22 Malax. Died 1939-04-25 Malax Finland.
Johanna Johansdotter Söderlund. Born 1857-08-17 Malax.
Fredricka Johansdotter Söderlund. Born 1860-05-26 Malax.
Johannes Johansson Söderlund. Born 1863-11-06 Malax. Died 1927-02-09 Californien.
Jonas Johan Eriksson Söderlund (Bonn). Born 1868-08-13 Malax Finland. Died 1923 Vasa Finland.
August Johansson Söderlund. Born 1879-06-04 Malax Finland. Died 1940-01-17 Navarro Mendocino Californien.


Parents to Marie Dahlqvist:
Herman Dahlqvist Dalkar. Born 1855-01-27 Vora Vasa Finland. Died 1964 1). Far: II:1 Johan Henriksson Dalkar. Mor: II:2 Brita Mårtensdotter Thors (Kulp).
Married to:
Beata Abrahamsdotter Skatt. Born 1848-11-16 Vora Vasa Finland. Died 1902-03-14 Vora Vasa Finland. Far: II:3 Abraham Abrahamsson Skatt. Mor: II:4 Greta Carlsdotter Grannas.

Marie Hermansdotter Dahlqvist. Born 1881-05-18 Vörå Vasa Finland. Died 1961-07-05 Fort Bragg Mendocino Californien USA.

Generation II
II:1 ff
Johan Henriksson Dalkar. Born 1820-06-17 Vora Vasa Finland. Died 1868-07-07.
II:2 fm
Brita Mårtensdotter Thors (Kulp). Born 1822-10-02 Vora Vasa Finland. Died 1903-02-28.
I:1 Herman Dahlqvist Dalkar. Born 1855-01-27 Vora Vasa Finland. Died 1964.

II:3 mf
Abraham Abrahamsson Skatt. Born 1815-01-01 Vora Vasa Finland. Died 1868-06-06.
II:4 mm
Greta Carlsdotter Grannas. Born 1819-12-08 Vora Vasa Finland. . Died 1868-06-04.

I:2 Beata Abrahamsdotter Skatt. Born 1848-11-16 Vora Vasa Finland. Died 1902-03-14 Vora Vasa Finland.

She had different birthyear for August ?
Have you an e-mail adress if I got more info from Else?

Christina Nordback

03-01-06, 02:35
Hi Joyce,
There is mention of the Prest family of Stewart's Point, Sonoma, CA in a thread called
Emergency inquiry, Einar Albert Engström by Gunnar Damström
started 23.02.2004.
Einar Albert Engström, born February 4, 1893 in Härnösand, Sweden. His father was born in Vörå, and had also the name Skott (Skått). Einar made three trips to Sonoma, CA. His cousin John Prest paid for the ticket in 1914.

Syrene found both Gust and John Prest and Arthur Engström in
K-G Olins book Guld och Röda Skogar

To locate the thread go to the search button at the top of the page. Type in Stewart's then from the pages offered look for the thread mentioned above.

A 1910 census index which only lists the heads of household
had these.
CA, Sonoma, Salt Point Twp T624 109 part 2 page 154 A
PREST Issace age 50 b. Fin
ENGSTRAN Affred age 20 b. Fin
William has kindly supplied the details for Isac already.


Joyce Morrell
04-01-06, 20:10
Thanks everyone who replied. I have most of the census info. August Soderlund and Marie Dahlquist are my grandparents, their daughter, Amanda is my mother. I am still working on filling in some dates on their ancestors. And I am not sure how the Engstroms connect yet. If I can help anyone on the descendants, of August and Marie, I have that pretty complete.

Joyce Morrell
04-01-06, 20:48
August Soderlund's "leaving out" document gives his birthdate as 1871-4-7. I have a copy .
Some add'l Finland data on Johan Erik's children. This was obtained from family members in the U.S.
Stina Lissa married ? Bjorkas
Frederika mar. ? Erickson
Johannes Mar. Mathilda Kaas and had children;
Johan Victor, b. 1882, mar. Anna Lang, had 5 sons.
Edla Karolina, b, 1889, mar. no children
Hilda Marie b. 1886, mar. Simon (Sam ) Lundgren, 3 sons
August b. 1884, d, 1886
Jonas b. 1890, d. 1892
Jonas b. 1868, mar. Amanda ?
This info from Arthur leondard Soderlund, son of Johan Victor and Karen Lundgren, granddaughter of Hilda Marie Soderlund.
I have some photos of some the ones who were in California.

04-01-06, 21:23
Hej Joyce.
Else have sent me August Söderlunds ancestors back to the 1600-century. It´s too long to put on this forum. Do you have an e-mail adress, so I could send you the info? Else would like to have the descendants of August and Marie too

Christina Nordback

05-01-06, 00:36
what Jeanette referred to but simpler to type in, for example, prest, into the search at the very top of this page. You then get every post with that name. This search works for anything you want to find here. A great shortcut.


05-01-06, 09:01
Originally posted by christina
Hej Joyce.
Else have sent me August Söderlunds ancestors back to the 1600-century. It´s too long to put on this forum.
You can send me the file and I'll enter it for all to voew in some way. /Hasse

Joyce Morrell
21-01-06, 18:21
I am sorry not to have replied to the latest messages. I have had computor problems lately. I appreciate the help posted here. For those who would like to contact me directly, my e mail address is <joycemarie40*hotmail.com. > . I still have comutor problems to solve, but the e mail seems to be working.

Joyce Morrell
21-01-06, 18:39
Reply; descendants of August Soderlund and Marie Dahlqvist. They married 19 August 1908 in San Francisco, CA, USA. Their children were;
1.Emma Marie b. 28 Jun 1909, Stewarts Point CA, married 1928 to Carl Johnson, d. 14 Jan 1982, Ft. Bragg, CA. (son and daughter)
2.Carl August, b. 17 Aug 1910, Gualala, CA, married Laura Bell, d. 26 Aug 1971, Humboldt county, CA (daughter)
3. John Oliver "Ollie", b. 1 Oct 1911, Gualala, CA, married Julia Hoffman, d. 24 July 1999, Santa Rosa, CA.(son and adopted daughter)
4. Sidney Albert, b. 14 Jan 1915 Stewarts Point, CA, never married, d. 26 Dec 1990, Ft. Bragg. CA
5. Amanda Viola, b. 7 Jul 1917, Stewarts Point, CA, married Bruce Simpson. (my parents , three daughters)
6. Chester Edwin, b. 9 Feb 1921, Albion CA, married Maryann Swanson. (two daughters)
As you can see, we are mostly females, so few carry the surname on. I am relunctant to add my cousin's names and dates , as they are still living. I seem to be the only family researcher in this line, although they all enjoy reading what I find. I am sure this is true in many families.
My grandparents evidently did not talk much about their life in Finland or the family who stayed there. My mother did not even know her grandparents names until I began to research.

Joyce Morrell
08-02-06, 18:57
for those who want to contact me directly, my e mail is

08-02-06, 22:29
Christina sent me the file a while ago - and I didn't remember to enter it on Finlander.. Sorry!

But here it is