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Margaret Rader
02-09-03, 07:03
I'm resending the message I sent earlier when we were having some trouble with the list. Maybe someone will see it here. Is this the right thing for this forum?
My second cousins visited Finland this summer and brought back some information about my grandmother's family. Her name was Anna Mathilda Johan-Eriksdr. Svartnäs. Now it appears that her father did not use Svartnäs as a name but was Johan Erik Johan-Fredriksson Aspbäck. I believe he must have lived at the Svartnäs farm in Öfverträsk. Some of his children used Svartnäs as a surname and some used Lindström. Lindström came from Johan Erik's father, Johan Fredrik Johan Eriksson Lindström. It appears he used Aspbäck as a name as well, or the parish priest recorded him as such, and I am guessing that he moved to Aspbäck in Öfverträsk from Taxlax, where the Lindström farm was.
I'm trying to sort it all out using Hiski, where there is lots of information about Närpes and Korsnäs. I hope I'm on the right track. Going back another generation, the names Frönäs and Hvitaniemi (Vitaniemi) appear. I can only guess these people moved around quite a lot within a very small area around lake Hinjärv.
Does anyone have these families on their tree? And I would appreciate it if anyone thinks I'm totally off base with the conclusions I reached above.

Margaret Holm Rader