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June Pelo
04-01-06, 17:24
I had the opportunity to read the DNA report of somone who took a DNA test - it shows a connection to Finland. There was a map which I couldn't copy.


04-01-06, 20:08
That previous message is the exact wording in the page I got from Nat'l Geogrpahic when I sent my 12marker test to them from my FTDNA results and I have attached the map they sent as well..hopefully you can see this one
I tried smaller images but I couldn't read read em (too small)
Chris Scott

Edited the picture/Hasse

June Pelo
05-01-06, 01:47
Yes, the map looked like that.


07-01-06, 23:18
June & Chris,

Family Tree DNA also sends a map out, thopugh it is a bit mroe complex. Family Tree DNA is also the company that is doing the lab work (via the U. of AZ lab of Dr. Hammer), for The Genographic Project.

In the report I received, the belief is stated that the 'N' haplotype ('N' is also my group, Chris), spreads out even farther. In fact, some feel that the N group originated in N. China or S. Mongolia. Other views say that the N group started somewhere in the region of the Altai mountains.
Of course, for now, all of this remains conjecture.

As science learns more about DNA--and many more people participate, by being tested--labs will develop more info on what are called SNPs (yep, pronounced 'snips'), specific parts of DNA that will help them to more closely identify the geographical origins of a person's DNA.

Happy New Year,